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MOBA by RIOT Games has Over 10 years of experienceand since then the list over 140 characters which may make us doubt the launch. If you’re new to League of Legends, we understand that you might be overwhelmed by the number of champions available. While you may know something basic like that there are five positions – top, jungle, mid, adk and support – you don’t need to know that. in these roles you can choose different types of characters. That’s why today we’re going to focus on explaining it a little more.

LoL character roles, headache

As we mentioned, once you decide what position would you like to play in League of Legends, tap the next question. What are the best roles or what would I like to play in this position? For this reason, today we are going to explain the various roles that exist and examples of characters of each of them for each of the positions in Summoner’s Rift. In some cases it will be necessary to do “pirouettes” to fit them. Without further ado, let’s go.


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As its name implies, and since you will suffer in the Rift, the role of the killer will be taken all that champion that is designed to be able to jump on you and bring your life down from a hundred to zero. In some cases, they are difficult to use to perfection, with which passive game after game is not expected. Our role in the game with these champions will be infiltrate the ranks of the enemy kill the most important champion of the opposing team. Certainly, we rely on the description of the champions provided by the game developer. Options for all positions.

  • Vertex: Pantheon
  • Jungle: Evelynn
  • Half: Leblanc, Fizz
  • ADC: Akshan
  • Support: pike


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In some cases, one of the roles, diluted between several champions, can consist of several things. Particularly close to some of the assassins or duelists in the game such as Fiora and company. Fighters are those champions, usually melee, who are also not going to deny themselves a good fight. Though somewhat more defensive than assassins, they usually occupy the top lane. One of the funniest roles to start with.

  • Vertex: Garen, Renekton
  • Jungle: Hecarim
  • Half: Sett
  • ADC: Nile
  • Support: Tariq


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Typical magic damage champions. Usually We are talking about those rebound profiles that will play from afar, usually also in the central strip, and which need a moment to shine. Although they can be aggressive when they have their ultimate, you will probably see them collect gold for a long time before you start to “play” and fight.

  • Vertex: Kennen, Rumble
  • Jungle: Evelynn
  • Half: Anivia, Azir
  • ADC: hereal
  • Support: Bard, Lux


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As usual, we will see pure mages in the center line, we will see pure shooters in the center. ADC position. One of the roles that has the most problems while playing – gunslinger complaints prove it – but with “luck” it will lead you to one of the main stars of the game.

  • Vertex: Quinn
  • Jungle: serious
  • Half: suberic
  • ADC: Ash
  • Support: Senna


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The shooter cannot go online alone, so he must accompany him – if you do not have an inventor or a troll in your team – support. Role support probably one of the most ungrateful, especially if you don’t choose champion carry. Of course, if you are good at your job, the team will have many more chances to win the map.

  • Vertex: Karma
  • Jungle: Niko
  • Half: Lux, Zoe
  • ADC: Ash
  • Support: zyra


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Shooter’s nightmare. There is nothing worse than being a character with low health that goes offline after 15 minutes of farming and is way ahead, and literally find a stone with 3500 lives more than you and that will kill you from boredom. This is just the role of tanks. Our role will not be to kill the opponent’s stars, although, unfortunately, they do. Technically, our role should be to find time and be patient while our best champions deal all the damage.

  • Vertex: Malphite
  • Jungle: Maokai, Sejuani
  • Half: Gallium
  • ADC: Urgot
  • Support: Braum

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