How to Play Only Up in Fortnite: Creative Map Code

Only up! this is a video game that has been gaining quite a lot of popularity lately, but how could it be otherwise, it already has its own version in Fortnite thanks to creative mode games from Epic Games. In this news, we will tell you how to play only up in fortnite And what is the island code:

How to play the Only Up Creative map in Fortnite: Island Code

OnlyUp Fortnite Island Creative Code! 4366-9611-6988. It is entered in the “Island Code” tab in the “Discovery” menu. games.

fortnite only creative map code island


Take a look at the description of the OnlyUp Fortnite map!

Another way to access the Only Up map in Fortnite is directly from the Discover tab. from the game mode selection menu, but we depend on a map that has a lot of concurrent players or that Epic Games itself took the trouble to highlight the map.

fortnite only creative map code island


You can also find the map in Discover if you have a lot of concurrent players.

Just like in the original game, Fortnite’s Only Up map consists of climbing obstacles as you climb. The tags this creative map has in Fortnite are Deathrun, Adventure, For Laughter, and Parkour.

fortnite only creative map code island


The Only Up map in Fortnite is of the Deathrun/Parkour type.

Up to fifty players can play at the same time to this Fortnite creative map so you won’t have any trouble arranging meetups to play it with your group of friends.

Only up! a video game available digitally on the Steam platform. whose popularity has increased dramatically in recent years, as some streamers the greats like TheGrefg played it. By “last” we mean the moment when we write this news.

As always, we remind you that in our Fortnite guide, we leave you with mini guides on a few of the most useful aspects of the game, such as what weapons are available or how to get the Optimus Prime skin.

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