$130,000: CSGO Streamer Announces Biggest Opening…

One of the biggest box openings in Counter-Strike history is about to take place. CSGO streamer ohnePixel has received $130k worth of boxes and will open them all soon.

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Streamer ohnepixel announced the opening of boxing for 130 thousand dollars | ©EarlyGame

CS:GO has always been more than just an FPS game, with esports and gambling flourishing. Some people have made a living in the Steam marketplace as a broker, streamer, or player (or both). Now a new milestone for this madness has been announced. csgo streamer, single pixel, he received a box of 130 thousand dollars and is going to open them all. Read all about it here.

Announced the opening of cases for $ 130 thousand

Some streamers just have a generous community, even if you can see that they are donating. Large donations and trade offers are nothing new for popular CS streamer ohnePixel. But this could be the next level, as he just received $130,000 worth of boxes as a gift. ohnePixel is known for opening crates, unboxing and trading skins on Twitch.

And so he announced one of the biggest box openings in Counter-Strike history. This will happen on Friday, July 7th on his Twitch channel. We may see you opening very rare boxes like 2014 Katowice capsules or other rare memorabilia sets from a bygone era.

Right now, the CSGO Steam market is in full swing. Since the announcement of Counter-Strike 2 this summer, prices have skyrocketed and trading has accelerated. So, with the right skins and a bit of luck, we could see ohnePixel achieve his retirement.

It will be interesting to see how the market behaves and how new skins will be positioned in the market after the release of the newest game in the CS franchise. But right now, the excitement about skins and old crates is at levels never seen before.

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