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  • Mexico has 66.5 million video gamers aged 6 and over, up 3.7% from 2021.

  • The video game market in Mexico generated revenue of 35,884 million pesos in 2022, up 0.7% year-on-year.

  • The industry has changed radically over the past 20 years, with new ways to play and new business models that have allowed an increasingly diverse population to enter.

  • In 2022, 82.1% are mostly casual players who play on their smartphones, 20.4% on desktop consoles, 8.3% on computers, and only 6.4% on tablets.

  • Xbox remains the leading console manufacturer with a 54.1% market share.

The video game industry in Mexico is in a state of transformation, moving from the traditional sale of console games to an industry where different devices, business models and game forms interact.

At the end of 2022, there were 66.5 million video gamers aged 6 and over in Mexico, up 3.7% from 2021. This figure is equivalent to 57.4% of the population of the specified age range considered gamers.

In terms of the total income generated by this industry, 35,884 million pesos (mdp) were registered in 2022, up 0.7% from the level recorded in the previous year, the growth is lower than in previous years due to the growth prices, lack of supply and economic growth. uncertainty . In its segmentation, 65.6% comes from software revenue, which includes the purchase of games on different devices, purchases of “in Game’ and subscription services. The remaining 34.4% correspond to fixed console sales during the period, which declined during the year.

However, the decline in sales of traditional consoles was partly offset by the introduction of alternative business models such as monthly catalog subscriptions, in-game purchases, or in-game advertising.

In particular, access to games through a monthly subscription has become a successful way to generate income for console manufacturers and video game developers, such that in 2022, 18.4% of gamers subscribe or pay monthly for an unlimited catalog of games, with an average cost of 177.2 pesos per month.

This model allows them to access the catalog of video games without having to pay an additional fee. In addition, there is a payment method that allows players to receive better items and the latest (updated) version of the game.

On the other hand, buying in game/app (in-game or in-app purchases) is a business model favored by gamers, mostly desktop consoles, with 12.3% of smartphone users and 22.4% of console users making purchases to use it within a game.

Mexican Player Preferences

There is a wide variety of video games available for different gaming devices catering to different segments of gamers, with very noticeable differences between those “casual gamers” who primarily play on mobile devices and those “hardcore or intense gamers” who access through desktop consoles. . . These profiles have unique settings that provide a differentiated gaming experience.

So, 82.1% are mostly casual players playing from smartphones, 20.4% – from stationary consoles, 8.3% – from computers, and only 6.4% – from tablets.

Desktop console users are more intense gamers, with game sessions averaging 1.8 hours, although before returning to normal and face-to-face activity, they are registering a significant reduction in their game sessions compared to the 2.2 hours claimed in 2021. Similarly, mobile gamers have reduced their gaming sessions to an average of 0.8 hours per session, compared to the 1 hour allotted in 2021.

Games in Mexico 2022

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