‘Wandinha’ star Jenna Ortega to star in new crime drama film

In the career of actress Jenna Ortega there are many productions: in addition to participating in the last films of the “Scream” franchise, she starred in the tremendous success, which tells the story of Wandinha Adams, in the Netflix production directed by Tim Burton. Attaining international fame.

Now, the actress is all set to star in another feature film titled “Finestkind” (no translation yet). The crime drama is written and directed by Brian Helgeland (known for films such as “A Knight’s Heart” and “Of Boys and Wolves”).

In addition, the production features participation from vet stars such as Tommy Lee Jones, Ben Foster and Toby Wallace.

The film tells the story of two estranged brothers who make a deal with a crime syndicate in Boston, resulting in great danger for both of them and a mysterious girl.

in an interview for glamorJenna Ortega talks about the opportunity to work with Jones and the crew on the new film.

“The next project I am releasing later this year is called Finestkind, where I play Mabel, a young girl who is learning to trust someone. It’s a drama with an amazing cast and crew, and I’m so happy to be a part of it. “I learned a lot from this job,” said the actress.

‘Finestkind’ is slated to hit the theaters in October this year.

return as vandinha

Although she is working on other side projects, Jenna Ortega will return as the protagonist in the already confirmed second season of “Wandinha”, still without a premiere date.

Netflix revealed that it has made minor changes plot This could happen, including the possibility that a character killed off in the first season could return, should more mysterious characters appear (such as one reportedly played by Lady Gaga, but this has yet to be confirmed by production). has not been done).

At Tudum 2023, series creators Alfred Gough and Miles Millar revealed that pre-production is in full swing and that the first season’s plot will begin to be answered, with many surprises and loose ends left to be explored. from the other.

The first season of “Wandinha” is available in the Netflix catalogue.

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