Ex-Globo, Jennifer Setty Begins A New Challenge As An Actress: “30 Days In The Mangroves”

jennifer setty She has starred in soap operas such as ‘A doña do pedaco’ on TV Globo, and in plots such as ‘Os dez mandamentos’ and ‘Dona Zepa’ on Record TV. This time, the cast took on a new challenge: spending 30 days in the mangroves of northern Brazil for filming. ‘Son of the Mangrove’,

film, directed by Alien Cafewas recorded in Barra do Cunhau and reflects the reality of fishermen in Rio Grande do Norte. Jennifer Setty plays Guida and talked with Anamaria Digital About the recording experience.

The plot tells the story of Pedro Chao (Felipe Camargo), a fisherman of questionable character who vanishes with the community’s money. Some time later, he appears injured and has no memory of what happened, and the community tries to trace Price’s disappearance.

intense experience

Jennifer explained in detail the process of recording the scenes. “30 tough days were spent living inside the mangroves and with the native fishermen of the area. I learned a lot about the reality of Potiguar people and we, who live in a metropolis, are unaware of how difficult their life is. It brought more empathy and aliveness to me.”

Ronnie Vilela, Thiago Justino and Genilda Maria There are other well-known names in the cast. The actors talk about the exchange they had: “Working with her was a source of pride for me! There was a lot of exchange, learning and mutual appreciation. It was an enriching experience that shaped my career as an actress.” Contributed to development”.

In addition to acting as an actress, Jennifer adopted the artistic pseudonym J, and invested in her career as a funk singer and influencer, earning her over one million followers. has been married for over 20 years osvaldo de oliveraFormer coach of Fluminense.

Beauty lost her paper at Globo

The owner of unique green eyes, Jay had earlier revealed this She has already been barred from roles on TV Globo because of her amazing beauty. “Beauty has always hurt me, my image was too sexual for some roles. I always had to work twice as hard to show what I could do. I lost important roles because of it, including Globo”, Seti said in a 2015 interview.

She believes her image has been devalued: “People don’t take people with exotic beauty very seriously. It is in Brazil that such spirited women as Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Lopez are respected abroad.

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