The idea for the Batman series came after a party at the Playboy Mansion

Long before it was played by Robert Pattinson in theaters, Batman spawned a popular TV series. Launched in the mid-’60s, the production featured Adam West as one of the most playful versions of the Dark Knight around – in addition to finding a great idea for the plot at a party at the Playboy Mansion.

Originally released in 1966, the Batman series represented a strange convergence of contemporary trends and cultural aspects that, to the dismay of DC fans, had little to do with the character’s mythology.

The pop-art trend that began with Andy Warhol has had an undeniable influence on the Batman series. Adult viewers liked the dry satire of the production, and young fans enjoyed the energy, humor and colorful tone of the project.

With that in mind, see below how the producers of The Batman series used the Playboy Mansion as inspiration for the production; check out! (via slashfilm)

The Playboy Mansion Was Necessary For The Batman Series

William Dozier, the creator of the Batman series, became interested in the character after a somewhat unusual experience at a party at the famous Playboy Mansion.

Reportedly, at one of the many parties held at Hugh Hefner’s residence, a TV executive went to the mansion’s private cinema to watch some of the Batman movies released in theaters in the 40s.

The story is told in an original book by character co-creator Bob Kane. The author did not mention the name of the executive who showed some of the Columbia-produced Batman films at the Playboy Mansion party.

Kane, who was also at the party, immediately noticed that all previous Batman projects ended in twists, thus introducing a “hook” to work in the coming episodes.

From there, Kane suggested to William Dozier that he adopt the same strategy for the Batman TV series. The production thus turned into a “two-night show” – with the first episode introducing a major twist in its outcome, and the second addressing the entire concept in its plot.

These short Batman films, also known as “serials”, inspired the series’ storytelling style, which is marked by numerous references to pop culture.

At the time, the distinctive form of comics was undergoing a renaissance, thanks to the prints of Andy Warhol and the paintings of Roy Lichtenstein, two great pop-art icons. Both artists sought to reproduce the low-budget aesthetic of the comics released in previous decades.

That’s why the Batman series is full of colors, characters Camp and direct references to the world of comics – including “Pow!”, “Sock!” and “Wham!” Like onomatopoeia included! (which mainly appear when the characters are fighting).

You can find the 1966 Batman: O Homem-Moresego series in the Brazilian catalog of Star+.

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