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Horror by Rhys Frake-Waterfield brings a scary tale starring a classic character from children’s literature

The most famous bear in children’s literature gets a scary look in the new film from Rhys Freck-Waterfield. Bear Pooh: Blood and Honey Released in Brazilian cinemas on 10 August, distributed by California Films.

Created by AA Milne, the character came into the public domain last year and is the first adaptation that takes viewers into the darkest corners of Bear’s mind, who rebelled after being abandoned by his friend Christopher, a college graduate. Team up with Piglet Piglet to kill anyone who comes near the Hundred Acre Wood.

The British are experts at freak-Waterfield horror films, but that was only with Bear Pooh: Blood and Honey that his work became better known. He states in an interview, that the idea here was to make a film that contrasted with the more common concept of how everyone imagines Pooh and his friends as fun and huggable animals.

“When we asked people if they wanted to see a Pooh horror movie, nine out of ten said yes, so we thought there was an audience for that topic. Then I found a bear mask on the Internet and it was scary, so we built the character’s costume around that.”explains.

The main theme of the film is abandonment. When Pooh and his friends were abandoned by Christopher, and had no one to look after them, they went mad and ate the donkey Io, and then, with a thirst for blood, attacked anyone who came near them. done.

After the first images of the film circulated on the internet, the film went viral and became the most anticipated horror of the year, especially for bringing this terrifying twist to the idea of ​​a character loved by many since childhood.

“When it went viral and everyone got to know about it, my email got split between two types of people. Half the people loved it and told me it was the best thing they ever did. They were obsessed with it and some people were imitating the characters. The other half hated it and felt like ‘I’m the devil’, ‘I’m pure evil’ and I’m destroying a lot of childhood memories.’Enjoy remembering.

After being abandoned by Christopher, who has left for college, Pooh and Piglet kill anyone who dares to venture into the Hundred Acre Wood.

data sheet
Rice Frak-Waterfield
Road Map:
Rice Frak-Waterfield
Rice Freak-Waterfield, Scott Jeffery
Nicolai Lyons, Maria Taylor, Craig David Dossett, Chris Cordell, Natasha Rose Mills, Amber Doig-Thorne, Danielle Ronald, Natasha Tosini, Paula Koise, Mae Kelly, Danielle Scott
Photography Direction:
Vince Knight
Song Music:
Andrew Scott Bell
Rice Frak-Waterfield
84 minutes

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