Nicki Minaj, Ice Spice, Anita and more

Amazing musical release as new single this week of June nicki minaj Together ice masala it is Water“Barbie World”, and unreleased songs Anita, “Funk Rave”. See more news about them below.

Releases of the week: Nicki Minaj, Ice Spice, Aqua

One of the highlights of this week’s releases is “Barbie World,” the new single from nicki minaj it is ice masala, for the official soundtrack of the movie “Barbie”, which will be released in theaters in July. The song is accompanied by a music video and features a sample of the classic “Barbie Girl”. WaterReleased in 1997.

Release Of The Week: Anita

The singer is gearing up to release her debut studio album under Republic Records label Anita This week saw the release of his first single from the next project, “Funk Rave”, whose production is signed by DJ Gabriel do Borrell. The song also gets a music video, which will premiere this Friday (23rd).

Other International Releases

The Weeknd, Jennie, Lily-Rose Depp – “One of the Girls”

For the fourth episode of the HBO Max series “The Idol” weekend, lily-rose depp it is jennyThe single “One of the Girls” from BLACKPINK was released.

Kim Petras – “Feed the Beast”

Kim Petras released his debut album titled “Feed the Beast”, With 15 tracks, the work includes songs “unholy”Together Sam Smith, it is “Lonely”Together nicki minaj,

Kelly Clarkson – “Chemistry”

New album with 14 tracks Kelly Clarkson, “Chemistry”, Available Now; It is their tenth studio album, and includes singles such as “Mine”, “I”, “Favourite Kind of High” and more.

Gwen Stefani – “True Babe”

Gwen Stefani returns with Lonely “True Babe”Track produced by Swedish duo jack and coke and by rotation ktrash,

Demi Lovato – “Swine”

With a message of protest and empowerment, Demi Lovato surprise song released “boar”,

Jeff Sater – “Clear”

thai artist jeff sater Recently released the new single “Lucid”, a fairytale tale of how to hold on to a moment together and not let it end.

Oliver Tree – “Bounce”

new song of oliver tree“Bounce”, written and produced by the artist himself, who also directed its official music video, is now available across platforms.

The Chainsmokers, Illenium, Carly Hanson – “See You Again”

north american couple The Chainsmokers Debut of new single “See You Again”, featuring DJ ilenium and singer-songwriter carly hanson,

Diplo, Elle King – “Without You”

DJ & Music Producer Diploma His latest single “Without You” premiered in collaboration with the singer Elle KingNow available on digital platform.

Rave Alejandro, BizaRap – “Baby Hello”

puerto rican artist Raw Alejandro launched their latest single “Baby Hello” in partnership with WeirdA star producer of Latin music.

NCT Dream – “Broken Tunes”

hey nct dream released their new single “Broken Melodies”, in anticipation of the group’s third full-length album, “ISTJ”, which will be released on July 17.

Bring Me the Horizon, Lil Uzi Vert, Daryl Palumbo – “Amen!”

band traga-mi o horizonte This Friday (23rd) in partnership with his most recent single, “MEN!” released the music video of lil uzi vert it is daryl palumboby Glassjaw.

Chateau, Spax, Jay Cho – “From The Star”

château Returning with another musical production, uniting two of the biggest names in Korean pop music, SPAX it is jay choon a track called “From the Star”.

Bastus, Elvya – “Break My Heart”

Sticks Launches his single “Break My Heart” in partnership with Belgian singer elviaA track that brings an innovative sound, which they call “Celtic funk”, is still very pop and vocal.

Bike, Minami Deutsch – “Santa Cabeca (Remix)”

After presenting the single and video for the group “Santa Cabeca”. Bike Remix of song by Japanese experimental band released minami german,

Other National Releases

Class A – “Notes, Love and Addiction”

PK, Oike and Igor Adamovich return after a five-year break A Class To release the first part of the album “Notas, Amores and Visios” with six tracks.

Tiago Iorc, Ludmila – “Jangdinha”

The single “Zangdinha” spawned a music video. together for the first time in a musical collaboration, Tiago IORC it is ludmila met in Rio de Janeiro to record the audio-visuals.

Romero Ferro, Danny Bond, DJ Zulu – “Hard To Forget”

singer and songwriter iron romero is set to release its latest single and video, “Dificil de Escuesar” in partnership with Dj Zulu it is danny bond,

Blackout, Bigjaw – “My Lighthouse”

Romantic single “Meu Farol”, the rapper’s new song DarknessNow available on digital platforms and features artists bigjo,

Marvvilla – “My Wives”

singer marvavilla The EP “Minha Vives” is released, which brings together the previous released singles and two new tracks – one of them reprising the successful partnership with Pericles.

Wellison, Lil Whind, Dude, Arthurzim – “Cabra Da Peste (Remix)”

Artist’s song “Cabra da Peste” to be released in January 2023 wellison Also got a remix version lil wind, dude it is arthrzym,

Suzanne Stearns – “Ixquecee”

carioca singer Susan Stearns Presents to the world their first EP in the style of Pagoda, entitled “EXQUISITY”, which brings songs for all time.

LK, Claw – “Kind of Exaggeration”

Rio’s rapper Lal Krishna Releases her latest single “Mio Exgerado” across all digital platforms, featuring singer and songwriter claw,

Agatha – “I Didn’t Tell Anyone”

Singer, Actress and Songwriter Agatha This week saw the release of his latest single, the penultimate track “U Nao Falai Pra Nobody”, which delivers an intimate and personal story.

Julia Branco – “Ends and Beginnings”

Julia White announced the arrival of their second album with the project’s first single, “Fim e Beginning”, written by them and Sisso under the musical production of Ana Frango Elétrico.

Coral, Chico Cesar – “Resonance”

solo composition of Coral with the output of Chico Caesar and Alexandre Fontanetti, “Resonancia” is the new single from the partnership and is now available on digital platforms.

Kamtos – “It Doesn’t Matter (He or She)”

kamatos Released the fourth single from his debut album, “Tanto Faiz (Elle ou Ella)”. The track was released by the Musik label and addresses the artist’s bisexuality.

Giulia Bei – “Perfect”

see the singer’s new single Giulia B.E, titled “Best”. The track reached all digital platforms this week and also features a music video.

Shaman, Nast, Caesar MC, Chris MC – “You Don’t Love Nobody 3”

After the success of the first two songs of the project “You Don’t Love Nobody”, the artist Knust, Caesar Mac, chris mc it is Magician Release the third act.

FBC – “Chemical Love”

the rapper presents fbc “Chemical Love”This is the first track from his upcoming album, which will be out on digital platforms next month.

Ferugem, Luisa Szonza – “Saudade”

A mix of pagoda and pop, War it is louisa sonja promote collaboration “Ambition”Complete with a video clip.

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