Carol Biazin Presents “Reversa” Tour at Opinio in October

After successful shows at festivals such as MITA and Lollapalooza, singer and songwriter Carol Biazin arrives in Porto Alegre to present her new album, the Reversa Tour.

With a style that unites R&B and pop, the artist hits a stage full of hits like “Bar Opiniono”.hell girl,stay pro coffee,Mint with teaAnd much more! Tickets are on sale at Simpla.

About Artist:
Carol Biazin has won a loyal audience in only five years of her career. With one studio album and two EPs, his discography has 113 million plays on Spotify alone. On YouTube, including video clips, covers and live performances, there have been over 131 million views.

Caroline dos Reis Biazín was born in Evapora on April 22, 1997, and grew up in Campo Mourao, in the interior of Paraná. At the age of eight, he began studying the guitar and then continued his study of the art when he studied music for two years in Curitiba. Carol had already published covers and copyrighted tracks on her YouTube channel when she participated in the sixth season of The Voice Brasil in 2017. In the blind auditions, he “sang”daddy lesson”, by Beyoncé, and won over the first four judges. He decided to join the team of Ivete Sangalo and always reached the finals of the program full of impeccable presentations and accolades.

After building a strong following on YouTube with covers, in April 2018, Carroll made her debut on the digital platform with the track.near you”, Partnering with Dreikken, his colleague in reality. In the same year, it was awardedPerhaps”, His first author’s solo song, the clip of which was voted the best of the year by the public on the TVZ social network. In April 2019, the EP titled “S“, with four tracks including singles”your lines”, one of his biggest hits, which already has over 9 million streams on Spotify alone.

,SIt was produced by Head Media, by producers Dan Valbusa, Marcelinho Ferraz and Pedro Dash, and distributed by Universal Music. With Head Media, Carroll defined and presented her sonic identity, which blends R&B with pop.

According to references, Carroll initially debuted on the Glee series, even without understanding the English language. For the cover, he based himself on the R&B tune that had been his biggest reference since childhood, creating unusual versions of national songs that caught the public’s attention. Names such as Destiny’s Child and Britney Spears made her first impressions, and today artists such as Ludmila, Luisa Ssonza and Doja Cat continue to inspire the singer.

after the singleCancel” it is “Perhaps“, which were part of the EP”no filter“From 2020, Carroll turns to projects for her debut album,”Judas’ kiss, Also produced by Head Media, the album was released in November 2020 with key collaborations with Luisa Sonja, Vitao, Dilsinho and Gloria Groove. The project, which addresses essential topics such as the accidents of the music industry and the culture of cancellation, made Biazin the first artist in Brazil to release an album with tracks hidden in the tracklists of music platforms, an innovative and disruptive action. . Music Market.

A multi-instrumentalist, Carroll plays guitar, banjo, keyboards and harmonica, and also has a great talent in composition, having written several songs from the Brazilian pop scene, such as “complicated“, by Vitao and Anita,”Together“, Da Rouge, and five songs from the album”.sweet 22“Like Successes” by Luisa Sonjacliff,better alone :-)-:” it is “Anaconda *o*~~~-”, with Maria Angelique.

2022 has been a year of great and significant achievements for the artist. In January, with the release of the single “hell girl“, becoming the first Brazilian artist to be endorsed by Amazon Music,”echo”, a global project dedicated to supporting and promoting the work of emerging talents in the music industry. The following month, in another significant move, he signed a contract with Universal Music Brasil.

In April, he launched his first audiovisual project, “Judas’ Kiss (Live)”, produced by 100% women, reinforcing Biazin’s concern and appreciation for greater equality of women in the music scene as well as in any other field. In July, the singer was also the winner of MTV MIAW 2022 in the Pride of the Valley category.

continuing the motif of “hell girl“, the single “Thinking…Came in August. The lyrics bring an exaggerated and humorous tone that plays with words and rhymes, as well as references to the singer herself, in the mix with the character of the previous track. The two singles presented the so-called Act III to the public, guided by the sensual atmosphere represented by the shades of red.

After Act II, with the track “Beginning of the End, The atmosphere of the song brings colder and more sensitive vocals, evoking a counterpoint to the Infernal Girl character who guided Act III with the previous single, and this time the mood is represented by shades of blue.

Completing the narrative, on 11/11 Carol Biazin released the latest single “”.stay pro coffeeFrom Act I, an era is represented by a pink-tinged atmosphere that portrays the singer’s romantic side, exploring a strong passion and the sensations of being in love.

The plot was told in retrospect in a 2022 release following the release of the singer’s second studio album, “keel over”, which came on the last day 2/1/2023. As the name of the album suggests, “keel overbrings up a back story, as they are cyclical moments that many people experience in relationships and at different stages of life. Carol likes to say that “like to be againstAnd the title of the project couldn’t be more representative.

In a project that not only involved dividing the tracklist of 14 tracks and the album into acts, all the photography, choice of accessories, looks, beauty and make-up brought different contexts to each act and the emotions portrayed in the various stages.

In line with the shows, in September 2022, the singer performed to a crowd at the Hopi Pride Festival in Campinas, after selling out Cine Joias, and also performed at CCXP, the biggest pop culture event in São Paulo. In this carnival, Carol started her holidays by performing at the Parador in Recife.

Carol Biazin was one of the attractions at Lollapalooza 2023, where the new album was featured.keel over”, apart from bringing some of his greatest hits. The stage also had the creative direction of Drica Lara, responsible for Lyudmila’s show at Rock in Rio 2022. The singer has more and more reasons to celebrate as she continues to grow in her career. She was the only Brazilian nominated on VEVO’s global list, DSCVR Artists to Watch 2023, for which she recorded a live performance of “” in London.stay pro coffee” it is “bacardi, This year, she will also be performing at MITA Festival and Rock the Mountain.

In his free time, Carroll enjoys playing video games and cooking. And about the causes she believes in, the singer supports feminism, defending greater equality and space for women in society. In addition, she belongs to the LGBTQIAP+ community and uses her space and voice to promote debate, reflection, and fight prejudice.

What: Carol Biazin – Reversa Tour
Where: Bar Opiniono (Jose do Petrosinio, 834 – Cidade Baixa, Porto Alegre/RS)
When: October 21, Saturday at 9PM
Opening of the house: 7:30 pm
Classification: 16 years

Promotional Lot:
Full solidarity (low price, available to anyone with a donation of 1 kg of non-perishable food): R$ 55
Half ticket (50% off): BRL 50
Overall: BRL 100

Batch 1:
Full solidarity (low price, with a donation of 1 kg of non-perishable food available to anyone): R$ 70
Half Ticket (50% off): BRL 65
Absolute: BRL 130

Batch 2:
Full solidarity (low price, with a donation of 1 kg of non-perishable food available to anyone): R$85
Half ticket (50% off): BRL 80
Full: BRL 160

Batch 3:
Full solidarity (reduced amount with donation of 1 kg of non-perishable food available to anyone): R$ 100
Half Ticket (50% off): BRL 95
Full: BRL 190

Batch 4:
Full solidarity (reduced amount with donation of 1 kg of non-perishable food available to anyone): R$ 115
Half Ticket (50% off): BRL 110
Full: BRL 220

Batch 5:
Full solidarity (reduced amount with donation of 1 kg of non-perishable food available to anyone): R$ 130
Half Ticket (50% off): BRL 125
Complete: BRL 250

*Food must be delivered to Opinionão upon entry to the event.
** To take advantage of the half price (50% discount), student identification (CIE) must be presented at the entrance to the show. Documents considered valid are determined by Federal Law 12.933/13.

Other Discounts:
* 50% for senior citizens: Federal Law 10.741/03 – Mandatory presentation of identification or official document with photo.
* 50% for youth from low-income families: Federal Law 12.933/13 – Mandatory presentation of youth identity card and official document with photo.
* 50% for persons with disabilities (and persons accompanying them if necessary): Federal Law 12.933/13 – On the continuous provision of social assistance to persons with disabilities on the basis of a benefit card or a document issued by the National Institute of Social Security (INSS) Compulsory presentation.
* 50% for regular blood donors: State Law No. 13.891/12 – Mandatory presentation of a valid official document issued by blood centers/blood banks.
* 50% for ZH Subscriber Club members.

Realization: Maiya Entertainment

Official Box Office (no convenience fee – cash only):
Planeta Surf Bourbon Wallig Store (Av. Assis Brasil, 2611 – Store 249 – Jardim Lindoia – Porto Alegre)
Opening hours: 10 am to 10 pm.



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