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A BulgariAn Italian luxury fashion house has unveiled its latest hotel in Piazza Augusto Imperator, in Pomegranate, in early June (9/6). This is the ninth global venture of Bulgari Hotel Resorts, paying homage to the jewelry store’s hometown. The venue offers 114 luxurious rooms and suites, offering guests an experience of elegance and comfort. To celebrate the opening, the brand launched a commemorative line of fine and high jewelery from the collection. WealthApart from celebrating the undertaking with variety shows and presence of celebrities Zendaya it is Priyanka Chopra Jonas, We’ve gathered the highlights and information on the new hotel for you! Check it out:

All about the Bulgari Hotel Rome

The hotel is strategically located on Piazza Augusto Imperator, just steps from some of the city’s most famous landmarks, such as Via del Corso and Via del Babuino, the iconic Spanish Steps and the emblematic Bulgari flag on Via Condotti. The Bulgari Hotel Roma is located opposite the recently renovated Mausoleum of Emperor Augustus.

The hotel resembles contemporary Roman structures, a true tribute to the city’s history: “The hotel offers a complete and unique immersion in a new luxury that combines hospitality, arts and crafts, a new collection of haute hospitalite monuments Leading the generation. We are honored to contribute to the splendor of Rome, home of Bulgari and always an inexhaustible source of inspiration for all its creations”, commented Jean-Christophe BabinCEO of Bulgari Group.

The CEO also revealed that the hotel houses a public library on Roman art and architecture, as well as unique statues from the famous collection. Torlonialike emperor augustus Welcome guests in the lobby. In addition, they prioritize that guests can enjoy a uniquely Roman experience, providing dishes straight from Chef Nico RomitoIn addition to having a panoramic terrace with a 360° view of the city of Rome.

Celebration: The Monet Collection

The festivities began with a ribbon-cutting ceremony by Bulgari Group CEO Jean-Christophe Babin in front of an original 1 BC Pentelic marble statue of Augustus. But Travel Around the hotel, guests were enthralled by live music shows from bands The Sheiks, Alessandro Ristori and SaturninoAn exhibition of vintage Bulgari items – such as a 1962 platinum necklace set with emeralds and diamonds.

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