Ariana Grande – 30 Years | The 10 Best Songs From One of the Greatest Artists of Our Time

Ariana Grande gained worldwide fame in the beloved series ‘Great win’ playing Cat Valentine – and, in no time, becoming one of the biggest pop star 21st century.

Recipient of numerous accolades, including two Grammy Award statuettes 30 included in the Guinness Book of RecordsConsidered one of the greatest female singers of all time, Grande has gained notoriety for her vocal range, which has earned her comparisons to legendary singers. Mariah Carey – breaking sales records, in addition to commanding public and critical acclaim albums.

on the day of Today, June 26Grande turned 30 and to celebrate her birthday, we’ve compiled an article listing her top ten songs,

See our picks below:

10. “Bloodline”

Album: Thank You, Next

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‘Thank you, next’ was very valuable pop it is from R&BIn addition to incredible impressions Net which dominated the music scene in the late 2010s. “bloodline”, in this spectrum, comes with a breath of originality by presenting a more energetic and Latin construction, moving into a wonderful narrative about entertainment and hedonism through saxophone and trumpet beats. It’s no wonder this track is a fan favorite – and it should be Lonely album official.

9. “God is a woman”

Album: Sweetener

,god is a woman explores the limitless possibilities of music and song, creating an outrageous narrative that goes against any attempt to standardize the art form – while also diving into contexts so diverse it becomes laughable. Perhaps the only problem with the track is a brief transition from the end of the first act to the beginning of the second, but nothing that should detract from the grandeur that it represents.

8. “No Tears Left to Cry”

Album: Sweetener

In ,No tears left to cry”The title “Pessimist” brings an incredible and cathartic build that communicates with countless others, including the title track, which plays along half moon before themchorusjust before drowning in the tenderness of Net and even opening up margins for very welcome experiments with certain elements of electronic music – not to mention the lyrics, which say countless times that a little sugar can help in the face of “every bitterness that life throws at you”. can help. Everything flows with the grace and satisfaction that characterizes the brand Grande sells.

7. “7 Rings”

Album: Thank You, Next

At the time of its launch, “7 Rings” It received a mixed response from critics; However, in no time, this explosion of sound hit the charts around the world, and became a success among fans for its acidly empowering material – in a build R&B alive who also brought samples classic song “my favorite things”of film ‘Sound of Music’,

6. “Dangerous Woman”

Album: Dangerous Woman

title track of ‘Dangerous Woman’ is one of the most famous phonetic constructions of recent decades – after all, already beats Its identification is possible. This song connects acquaintances pop it is R&B Employed by Grande throughout her career, but what catches our attention the most is its strong and tasteful presence retro soulraise one Kill Unquestionable with a seductive synth explosion.

5. “My Hair”

Album: Word

2020 would not be 2020 if Ariana Grande Do not release another studio album. following in the footsteps of the venerable ‘Sweet’ it is ‘Thank you, next’, ‘Post’ came back in R&B Singer’s classic – and brought some pearls of music. “my hair” This is one of those gems that doesn’t get the recognition it deserves, but it deserves to be on our list for its sensual and nostalgic creation.

4. “POV”

Album: Word

‘Post’ There’s no doubt that it’s an underrated body of art that, for some unknown reason, hasn’t been as successful as promised among critics and even fans. This incredible compilation of originals includes stunning masterpieces including the track “POV”Which ends the journey on a golden key: Here, Grande uses and abuses multiple vocal layers, a cool instrumental rhythm, and a mix of in-between pop it is R&B from the first touch.

3. “Breathe”

Album: Sweetener

Grande has always been one of the first artists to address mental health and other psychological issues in her albums — and the incredible “breathe”In ‘Sweet’, is the one that communicates most with this more critical side of the singer-songwriter. great build dance pop Not only is it the best entry on the record, but it also discusses how breathing can help with anxiety, based on her own experiences.

2. “Thank you, next”

Album: Thank You, Next

album ‘Thank you, next’ A new chapter begins in Ariana’s career, reaching the top of the charts around the world streaming and confirming the singer and songwriter’s status as one of the great a-lists of new generation. And the production flagship, which associates its name with the title, could not be left out of our list; This beautiful song is a symbol of gratitude and talks about every relationship actor Taught him — and at the end of the day, he now has a new passion: himself.

1. “Within You”

Album: Dangerous Woman

“in you” This is one of Ariana Grande’s classic signature looks – and it couldn’t occupy any other spot on our list than number one. This track is one of the great lyrical strokes actor and brings a perfect and quite balanced mix between dance pop, edm, synth pop it is electro-r&bTalking about a very sensual love affair that has become one of the iconic iterations of the dance floor.

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