Adele mourns submarine accident in concert

During this weekend, adelewho is conducting his presentations Las VegasUsed a moment of his show to express regret over what happened to the submarine.Titan’5 passengers died during the search for the wreckage of which Titanic,

“How crazy was that submarine thing? “Very sad and insane” ‘ singer asked the audienceGreetings’,

“Everyone goes, ‘Hi’? I will never do this. Which sounds like a lie to me, because I know a lot of people would do that.” to continue.

Then, Starr conducted a poll of sorts with the audience present: “I would like to take a vote. Don’t think about what happened because it was somewhat sad and tragic, but before the fact, how many people here, if they could, would take this trip down to the bottom of the ocean to see the Titanic up close? Raise your hands!” He asked.

The British woman was surprised to find that a large part of the public was eager to know the place: “See, I knew it! Turn the lights on so I can see everyone.. wow, it’s a really cool crowd”

Soon after, Adele also asked how many people would not attend the campaign, prompting a backlash from the public. The singer’s pianist, who was sitting right behind her, also raised his hand, prompting the diva to confess that she would never take such a risk.

“I would never do that, but because I’m boring. I am very scared of everything. I don’t have the courage to stop riding the roller coaster.” the singer continued.

Published in Neighbors Network, TwitterThe video of this moment is going viral. Watch!

Adele interacting with the public (Video: Playback/Twitter @jnflesch)

Adele, who is a big fan of the feature filmTitanic’from the principal James CameronInspired by the fateful shipwreck of 1912, it celebrates its 30th anniversary in 2018 focusing on the theme of the ship. At this party, the singer wore the dress of Rose Bucator, played by the actress Kate Winsletin 1997.

Adele dressed up as Rose for her birthday (Photo/Reproduction/Instagram/@Adele)

Adele is extending her stay in Las Vegas with the show until November.

Featured Image: Adele in the audience during her show in Vegas. Playback/Getty

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