The site reveals the possible future of Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott’s relationship

Businesswoman Kylie Jenner and rapper Travis Scott have two children, Stormi and Airey

There Seems to Be a Relationship Between Businesswomen and Digital Influencers Kylie Jenner and american rapper travis scott There really is no turning back! According to American gossip site, TMZ, the famous couple’s sole focus at the moment is on raising their two children. windyfive years old, and AirOnly one year old.

Kylie and Travis have been in a relationship since 2017, however, rumors of a possible separation started circulating in January of this year. The reason for the breakup was apparently the party behavior of the musician. At the time, People magazine reported that the Texan’s attitude must have been upsetting to the girlfriend, who is more focused on raising the kids and her family.

Some sources close to the former couple revealed that Kylie is primarily responsible for the two children, who live with them, but Travis is free to visit the two as and when he likes. As Father’s Day was celebrated internationally on June 18, the rapper was in London with Stormi.

Earlier this month, some fans began speculating that the two were working on their relationship, especially after they were spotted together at their daughter’s graduation, but sources say it was just the younger daughter’s. was there to support.

Source says Kylie Jenner doesn’t want to pursue relationship with Hollywood star

recently, Kylie Jenner One rumor included that she had already been lined up in a possible relationship with the actor. Timothée Chalamet, But, a source close to the sister of digital influencer and model Kim Kardashian and ex-girlfriend of rapper Travis Scott has no intention of publicizing their potential new romance as they are still getting to know each other better. .

“They are keeping things normal at the moment. It’s not serious, but Kylie likes to hang out with Timothy and see how it’s going. It’s been a lot of fun for her because it feels so different from her past relationships. It’s new and exciting for Kylie and she’s having so much fun.”said the informant to American gossip magazine People.

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