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Doubt remains over whether Daniel Craig will return as James Bond no time to dieSoon, there was talk that the role was being given to a woman, with a female Bond taking over from the male prototype who, up to that point, had headlined twenty-four films. The issue in question was the weak role reversal argument, when it would be more interesting to develop James Bond with his own story without suffering parallel to Ian Fleming’s creation. Similarly, getting thriller MotherIt was as if I was following one of the fruits of this “subversion” when I saw Jennifer Lopez star in a film with the Liam Neeson formula – which would obviously be called Father —, in a dull, action-packed suspense thriller.

if charlize theron in nuclear and in halle berry John Wick: Parabellum Recent examples of tough women with personas, Lopez would be the inverse of the tireless Neeson in the usual movies who is now wearing the feminine Brukutu model. adventure of action, and it, in fact, manages to maintain the archetype effortlessly as the feature is not concerned with telling a good story, but placing it at the center of wild and unbridled action, without rehashing genre tropes. : To present. Dimensions. In this sense, the reproduction of a role is easy to recognize simply by the reproduction, a mold which, as the title suggests, conforms to a play.

Lopez plays an unnamed woman here, and the only way to refer to her character is “mother,” which is, theoretically, part of some layer that provides a reading on motherhood. The intention of the text is clear in proposing this theme in a film that reproduces the classic elements that accompanied the story of Brukutu, and in this, it represents the whole drama of the “complex mother” and the maternal values ​​that merged with the ideal that we know of the ferocious, invincible, combative man, the hero with the physique of a Greek god and who always saved the day with his endless fighting skills and mastery of weapons.

Now, if Neeson, playing a former government agent, did everything he could to save his daughter in the remarkable quest, Lopez learned “Mama” while leaving her secluded hideout in Alaska and serving in the military. What prevents to use the given skill? protect the daughter? as opposed to making an agile film that uses the right ingredients thriller Simple and efficient, but there’s a weird bet Mother Which makes any choice for story progression made by Misha Green an example of exaggeration, an addition to excess, without actually being engaging. Too violent, too dramatic, too chaotic and following logic that makes no sense in the story of a “mortal assassin” who sets out to save his daughter.

Niki Caro tries to show off her talents in drama as well – balancing style with the detail of the action sequences we see in the episode. live action In mulan – and can be seen in the opening scene or when the movie pauses set piece of harassment and espionage and attempts to use characters with non-existent development to present predictable moments of drama. analyze from this side Mother This can be seen as an intense and dramatic look at the line followed by the male Brucutus, which leaves a trail of explosions, Beating And the pile of dead bodies, unlike the “female Brukutu”, is always guided by an unmistakable goal and her rage to protect and give her best in the superheroine mission that was assigned to her as a mother.

In a first hour full of weak theatrics and absurd action, investing in internal metaphors about motherhood and the melancholy persona of “Mother” – in scenes with the she-wolf and her cubs – it’s in its second half. Mother is safer when betting on thriller The family of Brukutu and the motherhood he was opposed to, and when it was accepted, he found himself in the disjointed task he had been taunting, a reversal of roles in a common classic that did not re-invent the wheel. wants to do After all, if Lopez is dressed as a bride for a romantic comedy, what harm would it be to replace Liam Neeson?

The Mother (USA, 2023)
Direction: Nikki Caro
road map: Misha Green, Andrea Berloff, Peter Craig
mold: Jennifer Lopez, Omari Hardwick, Lucy Paz, Joseph Fiennes, Gael Garcia Bernal, Paul Rasi, Jesse Garcia, Yvonne Senate Jones
Duration: 115 min.

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