Learn how the group formation should be in the new DCU

DC Universe’s new Justice League will feature two Green Lanterns, two superheroines and two Kryptonians.

Justice League: Find out what the group's formation should be like in the new DCU

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Some names are very obvious, some are not so obvious. In total, we reach 8 members of the new Justice League in theaters. Check out our suggestions:

– super man

New film called The Man of Steel will win Superman: LegacyIn which a young version of the Metropolis hero will be shown.

It is not yet known who will play the character of this Superman, but it has been known that it will be a new actor. Henry Cavill It is out.

– Batman

The Dark Knight will also get a new film the brave and the BoldWhich will feature an unprecedented portrayal of the Gotham City vigilante.

James Gunn has already assured that the feature’s Batman and the DCU will have a new actor. ie it will not be interpreted ben affleck, Michael Keaton, George Clooney Or Robert Pattinson,

– wonder woman

The Amazon Warrior won’t win any movies right now, but it will win a prequel series of events to the Wonder Woman feature films, called Paradise Lost, It’s unclear whether or not young Diana Prince will be in the mix, but the announcement of a new project set in the MM universe indicates that the greatest superhero of them all will play a role in the new Justice League.

rumors suggest girl gadot Will not return as MM in future DCU.

– Glow

The Key To The DCU Reboot, What Will Happen In The Movie glitterThe Scarlett speedster will continue on in the DCnauta franchise. It is not yet known whether problematic ezra miller DC Studios co-CEOs James Gunn and Peter Safran revealed that they are still meeting with the actor to decide whether the Flash will remain in the role.

It’s unlikely that a character as important as Flash won’t be in the new LJ.

– Aquaman

According to rumours, jason momoa Will stop being in Aquaman to play the anti-hero Lobo. Along with this, the keeper of the seas should get a new interpreter.

david zaslavCEO of Warner Bros. Search, the first Aquaman was held up as one of the great mainstays of DC. so it’s okay potential To remain in the Hero League.

– Green Lantern

How Green Lantern Hal Jordan and Jon Stewart Will Be the Main Characters of the Series lantern, it seems likely that the two Emerald heroes will be part of the new Justice League. No actors have been cast in these roles yet.

– super girl

Superman’s cousin is getting her own movie. Supergirl: Women of Tomorrow, With so much prominence, Supergirl should be the other female celebrity in the next LJ. It’s unclear whether or not Sasha Calle is Supergirl’s interpreter. glitterWill continue with his Kryptonian in the DCU.

What do you think of this Justice League lineup? Comment in our comment block below.

maybe some of these heroes will come Superman: LegacyThe first film of the DCU, which will be released in theaters on July 11, 2025.

follow the dc legacy and learn everything about the dcnauta universe.

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