‘I’m back to virginity and want to relive first love’, says influencer after surgery to regain virginity

influencer Julia MedeirosAlso known as Brazilian Kylie Jenner, recently underwent surgery to regain her virginity. She, who also suffers from body dysmorphia and has already undergone other procedures to transform her body, says she spent approximately R$51,000 to reconstruct her hymen. According to him, his goal after the surgery is to find a perfect relationship. She declared, “I’m a virgin again and I want to experience my first love again.”

The young woman says she hasn’t had relationships with many men, but has already broken up with most of them and says she wanted to forget the ones she had sex with before trying to rebuild . She adds, “I’ve been cheated on before, I regret it, and today I’m looking for a real, off-the-cuff relationship.” For Julia, though she’s gone through moments she doesn’t like to remember, movie romance may be on the way. The influencer says, “Everyone deserves true love, I’m ready to feel the butterflies in my stomach at first spell and truly dedicate myself.”

At just 22 years old, Julia, who has already had about four surgeries, two of which were liposuction and a face lift, in addition to hymen reconstruction, says that if she felt like changing anything else in her body If necessary, she will do so without any hindrance. “I know I have had some comparison issues and sometimes I find myself obsessed with perfection, but I also change because I love it”, comments the young woman. Shyamala also says that she imagines being ridiculed for making public her desire to find her ‘first’ love again, but she tries to stay away from the negative comments.

“I am following my heart and my desires. I really hope to find a sincere, loving man who makes me feel like I’m in a scene from a movie. I’m really going to sacrifice myself, just like I did when I was a teenager”, Julia concluded.

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