Decree in Italy ‘bans’ luxury superyachts owned by billionaires in the port of Naples; Understand

a decree introduced by the port authority of naplesBut Italywhich prevents berthing of boats of more than 75 meters in it Port According to the Italian press, Mergellina in Naples has had a negative impact on the region. This is because billionaires “face the door” when arriving at port with their luxury superyachts. And there’s no money to buy a place in Mergellina: Friday the 23rd, French Bernard ArnaultThe world’s richest man had to move to other ports after he was not allowed to dock there.

According to the Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera, the Symphony, a 101-meter-long yacht that belongs to Arnault and is estimated to cost US$150 million (about R$715 million), remained anchored throughout Friday in Via Caracciolo, a walking distance of is on Port. The ban on docking at the site apparently took the city’s patrons by surprise. lvmhWhich was already docked in other episodes.

According to local press reports, billionaire Barry Diller, who also left Naples after the decree’s publication, was responsible for the creation of Fox Broadcasting. She, who owns the 93-metre three-masted schooner EOS, also had to look for another port, as she did not fit within the limits imposed by the recent regulation.

However, the Captaincy of the Ports of Naples denies that it has received any requests for docking from the Arnaults and insists that the measure is for security purposes. “It is hard to think that owners of large units would be attracted by the unpredictability of the wharf and its conditions with the risk of being the victim of a collision or the involuntary cause of other accidents, big names and certainly not what ordinary people are looking for” , the official body wrote in a statement, which was reiterated by vehicles such as and Napoli Today.

The port of Mergellina in Naples, Italy is usually visited by luxury tourists. According to reports given to the Italian press, a recently imposed order could make it difficult for such visitors to arrive and affect the local economy. In the photo, the port in 2020. Photo: Reuters/Ciro De Luca (archive).

Whether the request made by the billionaire was true or not, the decree has not been well received in the area, especially because of the potential financial losses, as it is a major obstacle to luxury tourism in Naples, as Massimo Luis said. is, from the administrators of a Marcellina ferry to the Corriere della Sera. “Until this year, the impossibility of hosting a class of yachts of extreme prestige will result in the loss of important figures of our sector in economic terms: from 50 to 100 thousand euros per day only for the relevant industries. Tens and crores in one season.”

Boats that do not stop in Naples eventually head to Malta, Spain or France. “It is a pity that Naples, a special city full of culture and tradition and with a reference airport, can no longer welcome guests of such caliber as Leonardo DiCaprio, Johnny Depp, Jeff Bezos and Jennifer Lopez.” who have passed through here”, said Luis, who added: “Tourism is our oil”.

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