Britney Spears tries to hide from the paparazzi while leaving the Caribbean with her husband

Britney Spears spent the last few days of her holiday relaxing in the crystal clear Caribbean Sea with husband Sam Asghari. However, on the day of departure, she was in a bad mood and uncomfortable when she saw the presence of paparazzi at the venue.

The singer and the Iranian model were photographed stepping out of Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, where they spent their romantic day. When Sam Asgari saw the photos, he calmed down, but Britney pulled the hood over her head and tried to hide her face to avoid glare.

The two faced rumors of a crisis in their marriage. According to the press in the United States, the couple would have a toxic relationship, characterized by screaming and even physical fights.

According to the TMZ website, which has tracked the eternal pop princess’s life over the years and has sources at her home, Britney and Sam argued to such an extent that security guards had to intervene.

Dancer may have even given up the mansion where they live, and the marriage has deep structural problems. Sam, who was in denial of the crisis, may have tried to organize a new intervention for her, along with friends of his wife, who lived for 13 years under the protection of her father, Jamie Spears.

Britney would be taking medications that would cause her to change and her bipolar would be “out of control”, and the situation between the couple would become volatile.

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