Barbie appears in ‘Barbylandia’ in new movie teaser

The most famous doll will soon be in cinemas! warm-up for live action The premiere of “Barbie” is already underway, which will be in July 20 in Brazil. A Warner Bros. A new teaser was released with previously unreleased scenes from the film, featuring Barbie on the run from ‘Barbylandia’. The preview, which can be seen below, tells the story of Barbie (Margot Robbie), played by actress and comedian Kate McKinnon.

In addition to these celebrities, the teaser also features America Ferrera, actress from the series “Superstore”. pair margot robbie and Ryan Gosling interpret the versions of Barbie and Ken respectively in the film which promises the participation of actors like Kate McKinnon, dua lipa and Michael Cera.

In the official images released in profile of the feature film, the character Barbie is seen crying saying “I am not good for anything”. In addition to being seen smiling next to his pink car. While releasing the photos, the film’s official profile on Instagram read, “It’s the best day ever! The Barbie promotion has begun.”, see image below.

Gudiya, played by Margot, begins to realize that her life isn’t so perfect. Understand the context presented in the following movie.

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The synopsis of the film wants to tell the story of a doll who lives in ‘Babylandia’ but is not perfect enough and goes on an adventure in the real world. The routine changes when Barbie goes out into the “real world”, in search of a place that has everything the character’s world hates. hey live action is the direction of greta gerwigDirector of Adorable Women, WINNER oscar In 2020. The cast also includes actors Will Ferrell, America Ferrera, Alexandra Shipp and Emma Mackey as the CEO of the toy company Barbie.

Featured Photo: New Teaser for Barbie Debut, Film to Open July 20. Playback: Instagram.

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