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Not all relationships follow the “happily ever after” fairy tale, often resulting in divorce and the need to pay child support when children are involved.

While many parents opt for more modest payments, some celebrities are found to be shelling out large sums of money to support their heirs. Below, we will highlight some of these privileged pensions.

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1 – Kelly Clarkson:

Image: Playback/Instagram

It’s not just parents who are obligated to pay for child support, and one example of this is singer Kelly Clarkson. Following her divorce from her husband, Brandon Blackstock, she was ordered to pay $45,000 a month in alimony to support their two children. Additionally, Clarkson has agreed to deposit $1.3 million in Blackstock by January 31, 2024, in addition to an additional $115,000 monthly pension.

2 – Eddie Murphy:

Image: Le Ferrarese

The famous actor and comedian was in a relationship with former Spice Girl Mel B, with whom he had a daughter. After a paternity test confirmed paternity, Eddie Murphy began paying US$51,000 in monthly alimony to help raise the child.

3 – Brendan Fraser:

Image: Getty/Getty Images

Brendan Fraser has recently returned to prominence in the film industry following the success of his film “The Whale” (2022). Previously, she had revealed details of her personal life, including her divorce from Afton Smith, with whom she has three children.

At the height of his fame, Fraser paid $75,000 a month in child support. However, due to the lack of job opportunities, he appealed to the court and managed to reduce this amount.

4 – Neymar Jr:

Image: Play Instagram

Famous football player Neymar Jr. He has an 11-year-old son, Dewey Lucca, from his relationship with Carol Dantas. According to Forbes magazine, Neymar Jr. Salaries, advertising contracts and investments generate a monthly income of R$23 million.

According to the same magazine, he pays R$106,000 per month for his son.

5 – Kanye West:

Image: Hugo Glaus

Rapper Kanye West was married to influencer and businesswoman Kim Kardashian, with whom he has four children. Although they share custody of the children, West pays child support of $200,000 and pays half of the children’s medical, educational and protective expenses.

6 – Brad Pitt:

Image: The Faxico

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have six children. During the divorce proceedings, Jolie alleged financial negligence on the part of Pitt. However, the actor’s defense denied the allegation and presented evidence that he pays $1.3 million monthly in child support. In addition, it was also revealed that Pitt loaned Jolie $8 million to buy a home for the children to live in.

7 – Nick Cannon:

Image: Folha de Sao Paulo

Singer-songwriter Nick Cannon’s situation is somewhat unusual. He has 12 children from four different women and has established informal agreements with each of them to provide financial support until the children are grown.

Thus, Canon costs his children $3 million a year and this expresses his lack of faith in the government child support system. It is better for them to maintain a close relationship with the children and meet their needs directly.

These examples show that child support among celebrities can reach impressive amounts, reflecting their financial realities. Each case is unique and depends on a number of factors, such as parents’ income, established agreements, and custody of the children.

At the end of the day, the main objective is to guarantee the well-being of the children, but discrepancies in child support amounts draw attention to the complexity of the issue.

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