The tabloid says Camila Cabello and Shawn Mendes have decided to split again

It was not so this time…

Singers Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello have once again decided to end their relationship, reports The Sun newspaper.

“Sean and Camilla have a lot of history and tried to infuse themselves into each other’s lives again. But it was just a dare and they are over it now”, said a source, who also assured that the two understand that giving it another chance would be “repeat the mistake”.

Eventually, “the first time things ended between them for some reason. They both know that they are not right for each other romantically and now want to move on.

The couple was together for more than two years until, in November 2021, they opted to separate. Now, in 2023, they were seen exchanging kisses again at the Coachella festival in April, and then Cabello even released excerpts from a song that fans said was an indirect nod to the former.

At the time of the first breakup, both had issued a statement in which they had assured the fans that despite everything, love would remain between them.

“We have decided to end our romance, but our love for each other and as people is stronger than ever. We started our relationship as best friends and we will remain best friends. We appreciate your support from the beginning and will look forward to it.

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