Going barefoot is the new fashion in Hollywood

In the presentation of the proposals for spring 2023, the Italian brand Etro bets on models fully dressed and without shoes
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In recent seasons, we live in an era of awkward shoes. Footwear became the crass, the absurd, and the new way to approach fashion, making ugly chic.

In a time when more and more people are wearing unusual accessories, one guaranteed way to get people talking is to walk down the street barefoot. It’s been the bet of some public figures, mainly men, that is giving credence to a trend that already has a name: Barefoot-Boy Summer,

The popularity of bare feet also coincides with a phase in which the sexualization of this part of the body is quite common. According to “GQ” magazine, it is the most searched fetish term on Pornhub today and, of course, we cannot forget the countless people who sell foot content on platforms like OnlyFans to generate passive income.

What makes this trend attractive is the light heartedness of the protagonist. Perhaps this is due to the fact that some celebrities are powerful enough to sidestep critics. However, more than a lack of fear of consequences, they seem to be dependent on societal expectations, fear of surveillance, and issues related to personal hygiene. And it’s both intriguing and bizarre.

bianca sensory

Kanye West and Bianca Sensi grabbed everyone’s attention last June 13 when they went to a fast food restaurant los angeles, It’s for the whimsical clothing. The rapper wore a padded T-shirt and shoes and socks while the “lady” — both “married” in a ceremony No it is legally binding In January – opted for an even more daring look. The 28-year-old teamed a tight T-shirt with transparent tights, leaving her underwear and shoes separate.

Jacob Elordi

Jacob Elordi also made headlines for the resurgence of photos showing the actor walking barefoot on the streets of Los Angeles. And it doesn’t seem like it’s a faux pas, because she’s perfectly composed. Some fans on Twitter theorize about the star’s nationality: Elordi is Australian and, according to reports, it is not uncommon to see a man without shoes in Byron Bay, for example, where he recently bought a house.

shawn mendes

Last but not least, we have Shawn Mendes. The Portuguese-born singer gathered a group of friends, which one Twitter user called “The Smoothie Squad”. A record of that moment went viral for a variety of reasons, from the “Jesukore” aesthetic to the bag. hipsterFrom the fact that one of them left his shoes.

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