Billie Eilish and Lula shine in Paris on show around the planet

Billie Eilish, as a superstar, and Brazilian President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, acclaimed as such, were the protagonists of a show around the planet, this Thursday night, the 22nd, under the Eiffel Tower in Paris.

Billie Eilish was the big attraction of the night, judging by the number of shirts bearing the 21-year-old Californian singer’s face among the young audience of around 20,000.

But the first to receive overwhelming acclaim were neither Lenny Kravitz, nor Jon Batiste, nor HER, nor Billie Eilish’s brother and collaborator Finneas, who also has solo appearances.

Lula steals the show by speaking in favor of the planet in one of the planned interludes between one and the other song to protect the environment.

Invited to participate in a summit for a new global financial agreement in the face of the climate challenge this Thursday and Friday in Paris at the initiative of French President Emmanuel Macron, Lula also appeared on the stage of the “Power Our Planet” event. (Empower Our Planet).

Brazil’s president, in a dark suit and blue shirt, reaffirmed his goal of “zero deforestation” in the Amazon amid cheers from the public.

Viewers were able to attend the free concert by pre-registering on the NGO Global Citizen’s website and with a commitment to broadcast actions in favor of the planet on the network.

On a night full of political symbolism, Common’s first musical surprise was guest American rapper Jon Batiste, who improvised the words “Paris”, “France” (“France” in English) and “Power Hour” with keyboards and saxophone. . Planet”.

But the big star of the night was Billie Eilish, who performed in a short format: three songs with guitar and keyboards, accompanied by her brother Phineas.

Her fans, crying in the front row, were singing the theme song at the top of their voices, among them “Happier Than Ever”.

The young pop star, dressed in slacks, a blue-and-white striped shirt and tie, called for “a complete system change now in favor of the planet”.

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