What to gift on Valentine’s Day? Remember the extravagant pampering of the famous

This Monday, the 12th Valentine’s Day is celebrated by couples all over Brazil

Couples in love in Brazil celebrate Valentine’s Day this Monday, the 12th. The date is quite special, marked by romantic outings, special dinners, announcements on social networks and gifts to remember the moment. The same is true in the world of celebrities, who sometimes choose extravagant treats for their partners.

One of the most famous couples in the world of music, Beyoncé it is jay zee A good example of this and don’t be discouraged when giving gifts on Valentine’s Day, In 2012, the singer, who is on tour with her new album, presented the rapper and husband with a jet worth US$40 million, approximately R$196 million. The aircraft has a kitchen and a bedroom with a double bed.

The same happened with the singer in Brazil ze felipe and impressive Virginia, although it was not in a romantic celebration. businesswoman, mother of maria alice it is Mary Flowers, presented a luxury jet worth about R$ 50 million to the loved one. However, a surprise came on the artist’s birthday.

Apart from him, former player David Beckham introduced his wife, Victoria BeckhamUS$8 million with a Bulgaria brand necklace to celebrate Valentine’s Day in 2006, worth about R$39 million. The jewel was specially designed for the businesswoman and former singer, and is comprised of rubies and diamonds.

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Even though they are no longer together Justin Biber it is Selena Gomez Already starred in romantic moments to celebrate the special date. In 2011, the Canadian singer booked a stadium in Los Angeles to enjoy a night out with his girlfriend. On this occasion, the couple also had dinner with an exclusive session of the film. Titanic,

Another couple who are no longer together but left nothing to be desired when it comes to gifts, made up of actors Robert Pattinson it is Kristen Stewart, In 2013, the actor presented his beloved a limited edition Bentley pen, made of white gold and with the actress’s name engraved on it. The Valentine’s Day gift cost approximately 30,000 Euros, which is equivalent to R$157,000 at the current exchange rate.

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