God! Model seeks compensation for Kylie Jenner’s company default

Model accuses Kylie Jenner’s company of default (Photo: Instagram @sashapalmaa and @kyliejenner)

Ideal Sasha Palma Allegations have been leveled against cosmetics maker Kylie Cosmetics. Kylie Jenner, As a default. The professional said that in 2020, payment for services provided for a campaign was delayed by more than 30 days. According to figures released by TMZ, the amount of compensation for the lawsuit is 30 times bigger compared to the amount paid.

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Sasha Palma is a model and influencer. (Photo: Instagram @sashapalmaa)

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Sasha Palma was hired to work on a campaign for the cosmetics brand Kylie Jenner In 2020. According to the process obtained by TMZ, the fee for each photo day was US$2 thousand, equivalent to approximately R$9.6 thousand. According to Sasha, the amount was supposed to be transferred in early July of the same year, but the company delayed the payment by more than 30 days.

“The company could have easily paid the amount on time, but it chose not to do so”, claimed the model.

As compensation, the professional is demanding US$60,000 for Kylie Cosmetics, which is roughly equivalent to BRL 289 thousand, And don’t stop here… sasha She also claimed that the same situation happened again in August of the same year in another campaign in which she starred for the brand, when she would have done another job for the same amount of R$ 2 thousand per day, no more Will be paid on time.



In addition, the model sought another damages totaling US$ 120 thousand, which is equal to BRL more than 577 thousand , 30 times the original cash value of the assigned work.

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On the other hand, a representative for Kylie Cosmetics assured TMZ that Sasha Palma Received payment on time and have evidence to prove it. source close to Kylie Jenner It even raised the possibility that the model’s own agent had withheld her payment.

According to the formula, sasha He also asked for recommendation letter and more job opportunities in the company after the services rendered in 2020. However, she was unsuccessful in the requests.

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