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Saturday, 06/17/2023

owl II

in your eyes

Titulo Original: In Your Eyes

Country of Origin: Brazil

Year of Production: 2017

Director: Carolina Jabor

Cast: Daniel de Oliveira, Malu Galli, Marco Ricca, Luiz Felipe Mello

Category: Drama

Rubens is a charismatic swimming teacher who finds himself in trouble when one of his students tells his mother that he kissed her on the mouth.


how to be single

Original Title: How to Be Alone

Country of Origin: American

Year of Production: 2015

Director: Christian Dieter

Cast: Leslie Mann, Rebel Wilson, Dakota Johnson, Nicholas Braun, Alison Brie,

damon wayans jr

Category: Comedy

A group of young people experience love and relationships in New York City.

owl i

Under Pressure – Hero of Emergency

original title:

Country of Origin: Brazil

Year of Production: 2017

Director: Andrucha Waddington

Cast: Julio Andrade, Icaro Silva, Marjorie Estiano, Andrea Beltrão, Stepan Nersesian and Thelmo Fernandes

Category: Drama

Follow the routine of delivery, efforts and lots of pressure that doctors in a public hospital go through every day. Generally the desire to save lives.

Sunday, 06/18/2023

owl II

old lady killers

Original title: The Ladykillers

Country of Origin: American

Year of Production: 2004

Director: Joel Coen, Ethan Coen

Cast: Tom Hanks, Irma P. Hall, Marlon Wayans, JK Simmons, Tzi Ma, Ryan

Hurst, Diane Delano

Category: Comedy

The professor has a plan to rob a casino and rents a room in a woman’s house, where he calls his accomplices to discuss the plan of action.

maximum temperature

Independence Day: Resurgence

Titulo Original: Independence Day: Resurgence

Country of Origin: American

Year of Production: 2016

Director: Roland Emmerich

Cast: William Fichtner; Jeff Goldblum; Liam Hemsworth; Jessie Usher

Category: Science fiction

After an alien attack in 1996, all nations on Earth come together to fight the supernatural forces. Twenty years later, the payback finally happens.

Sunday Head

Maze Runner – Run or Die

Original title: Maze Runner

Country of Origin: American

Year of Production: 2014

Director: Wes Ball

Cast: Amal Amin; Thomas Brodie-Sangster; Ki Hong Lee; Dylan O’brien; Will Poulter; Kaya Scodelario;

class action

In a post-apocalyptic world, Thomas is abandoned in an isolated community after his memory is erased. He needs to join forces with other youths in order to escape.


Planet of the Apes: War

Titulo Original: War for the Planet of the Apes

Country of Origin: Canada

Year of Production: 2017

Director: Matt Reeves

Cast: Amiya Miller; Andy Serkis; Gabriel Chavarria; Karin Konowal; steve

Zain; woody harrelson

class action

After an attack by humans in which many apes are killed and wounded, Caesar leaves with a small group in search of revenge.

Monday, 06/19/2023

afternoon session

we will not pay anything

Titulo Original: Let’s Pay Nothing

Country of Origin: Brazil

Year of Production: 2020

Director: Joao Fonseca

Cast: Fernando Caruso, Leandro Soares, Flavio Bouraqui, Edmilson Filho,

Samantha Schmutz, Paulinho Serra, Flavia Reece

Category: Comedy, Family

Frustrated by the rise in prices, Antonia stirs up the neighborhood’s only market, which is looted by customers who refuse to pay.

hot screen


Original title: Purity

Country of Origin: Brazil

Year of Production: 2020

Director: Renato Barbieri

Cast: Diarra Paes; Flavio Bouraki; Mariana Nunes; Matheus Abreu; Sergio


Category: Drama

Pureza is a mother searching for her missing son in the Amazon. When she gets a job on the farm, she becomes a slave.

Wednesday, 6/21/2023

afternoon session

war bride

Original title: Bride Wars

Country of Origin: American

Year of Production: 2009

Director: Gary Winick

Cast: Kate Hudson, Anne Hathaway, Kristen Johnson, Brian Greenberg, Chris

Pratt, Steve Howe

Category: Comedy, Romance

Emma and Liv have planned their weddings since they were children, but a date error causes them to reconcile, which sparks a feud between the now-ex-friends.

Thursday, 6/22/2023

afternoon session

Warriors Portal

Original title: Warrior’s Gate

Country of origin: China

Year of Production: 2016

Director: Matthias Hoene

Cast: Mark Chao, Ni Ni, Dave Bautista, Sienna Guillory, Uriah Shelton, Francis

chun-tu ng

class action

A teen is magically transported to China and learns to turn his video game skills into the skills of a kung fu warrior.

Friday, 23/06/2023

afternoon session

Pets ± The Secret Life of Pets 2

Original title: The Secret Life of Pets 2

Country of Origin: United States

Year of Production: 2019

Director: Chris Renaud; Jonathan Del Val

Cast: Eric Stonestreet, Harrison Ford, Jenny Slate, Kevin Hart, Lake Bell, Nick

Kroll, Patton Oswalt, Tiffany Haddish

Category: Animation

After dealing with the arrival of another puppy, Max faces new challenges: a baby on the way and a trip to the farm.

owl i


Original title: Entertainment

Country of Origin: Argentina

Year of Production: 2018

Director: Jazmin Stuart, Hernan Guerschuni

Cast: Carla Peterson; Fernan Miras; Jazmin Stuart; Juan Minujin; Martin Slipak

Category: Drama, Family

Six parents spend a weekend with their kids at the summer house and once there they enjoy like old times.

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