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since Spider-Man: Never Go Home, superhero cinema realized that nostalgic guest appearances were a very efficient ploy to win over the public, especially with the theme of the multiverse allowing older incarnations of known characters to reappear within the current chronology . Is new glitter Cinematographers take great advantage of this to honor DC’s legacy, while at the same time lifting on nostalgia to gain strength.

Some of these partnerships have already been highly publicized. Michael Keaton’s Batman garnered so much attention in trailers and posters that many thought the actor’s return to the role after 30 years would steal the limelight from Ezra Miller’s character. It doesn’t happen, but it’s a beautiful indication of how strong this particular presence is in the feature.

So much so that there have been over 10 partnerships throughout history, between characters from the current timeline and some classic and iconic versions of DC heroes. Some have already been released, but there are others that will surprise even the most skeptical fans.

So, now see 15 partnerships glitter,

Attention! This text contains spoilers from The Flash!

15. Ben Affleck’s Batman

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Let’s start our list with the already confirmed participation. Ben Affleck’s Batman has already appeared in trailers and appears in the feature’s opening minutes in a spectacular action sequence in which Barry Allen (Miller) needs to rescue children from a collapsing hospital. Meanwhile, Bruce Wayne is in pursuit of some criminals who are carrying a dangerous biological weapon.

As he is the titular Batman of the DC Extended Cinematic Universe (DCEU), his involvement is more than obvious. Barry himself reveals that the billionaire is the leader of the Justice League. Additionally, it’s a Batman speech about how a hero’s emotional scars that shape his character underpin the entire plot of the feature.

14. Alfred

Of course Batman couldn’t enter the scene without his butler. Jeremy Irons’ Alfred gained much more prominence within the DCEU than just being Bruce Wayne’s assistant. He is responsible for all of the Justice League’s strategy, helping the heroes with valuable information when they are in the field.

and that’s what we see in glitter, It is he who tells Barry Allen about what happened in Gotham and who provides details about the risks facing the citizens of the building on the verge of collapse.

13. Normal amount

villain of steel man appears again here to revive the terror he brought to Earth in 2013. As we saw in the film starring Henry Cavill, Zod (Michael Shannon) arrives on Earth to capture the last surviving Kryptonian, as he believes there is valuable information to rebuild Krypton. Hidden in their genetic material. The point is, without Superman, Flash and Batman have to figure out how to deal with this alien threat.

12. Wonder Woman

Since the very beginning of Justice League is in action glitter, it was clear that Wonder Woman was about to appear alongside her already iconic soundtrack. She appears at the conclusion of the opening sequence, when Batman is about to take down the criminal with the bio-weapon in Gotham Bay – and Amazon steps in to save the day.

The whole situation is pretty funny, as she uses the Lasso of Truth and causes both Batman and The Flash to talk a lot about how they feel. On the one hand, the Dark Knight recognizes that it would be more useful to use his money to end Gotham’s criminality, while Barry Allen reveals himself as someone without the slightest social qualms.

11. Aquaman

Another important Justice League name that couldn’t be missing is Aquaman. Jason Momoa’s character appears briefly during the Chronosphere scene when The Flash is running through the timeline and we see some of the past events depicted in these arcs.

Additionally, he also appears in a post-credits scene during a comical conversation between himself and Barry Allen. In this case, the heir to Atlantis is intoxicated by stories about the multiverse.

10. Tom Curry of Temuera Morrison

A truly unexpected participation is that of Aquaman’s father, Tom Curry. Character played by Temuera Morrisonbook of boba fett) made his DCEU debut as a supporting character in the film starring Momoa and returns here once again as a Lighthouse resident.

He appears when Barry travels back to the past and tries to contact the Justice League. For some reason, Batman is his last option and he prefers to summon Aquaman to the lighthouse where his father lives. That’s when we see Temuera Morrison thinking the liaison is a joke – even more so when he asks if he’s married to the mermaid princess.

9. Michael Keaton’s Batman

Michael Keaton’s return as Batman was one of the great attractions used by the marketing. glitter, The actor lived on as the hero in the 1989 film and personified both the emergence of Bat-mania and the ensuing change in the way the industry viewed hero cinema.

In the new feature, he is this alternate version of Bruce Wayne that Barry Allen knows. Older and more experienced, he retired to a heroic life after Gotham had solved its crime problem, making it one of the safest cities in the world. Still, it keeps your abilities and the passion of the bat alive.

8. Joel Cyclone

There are those who prefer to call the character Jay Garrick, but the name Joel Ciclon, adopted over the years in Brazil, is much better. And the character from DC’s Golden Age makes a brief appearance in the film in the sequence where the multiverse is collapsing.

Interestingly, he’s being played by actor Teddy Sears, who creates the first version of the character on the CW series – and who became the villainous Zoom. This was a curious decision, as the definitive version of the hero in the series was played by John Wesley Shipp himself, who was also the Flash in the 1990 version.

7. Adam West’s Batman

One of the most famous versions of Batman even exists glitter, albeit very quickly. When Barry Allen begins to face different worlds colliding, it is possible to see for a brief moment a related universe from the 1966 series in which Adam West played Batman.

It is this more comical version of the character that sometimes appears in one or the other meme and that gave birth to the classic Fira da Fruta.

6. George Reeves’ Superman


What many people may not even realize is that in Collapse of the Multiverse, the film featured a black and white version of Superman. This is George Reeves, who played the hero in the TV series adventures of supermanReleased in the 1950s.

And while it wasn’t the first live-action version of the character — the title goes to Kirk Allin, who wore underwear over his pants in 1948 — Reeves’ version became iconic thanks to the show’s success at the time. Right here the phrase “Is it a bird? A plane? No, it’s Superman!”.

5. Helen Slater’s Supergirl


Another cameo brings a double extra special on this tour of the collapsing multiverse. After George Reeves, we see another classic DC universe save on screen: he super man Since 1978. And while Christopher Reeve’s version of the Man of Steel is the big star – and we’ll get to that in a moment – we see that the Last Son of Krypton isn’t alone.

At her side, in the final perspective, appears none other than the Supergirl of that reality, played by actress Helen Slater. The actress starred in the feature film Heroine, released in 1984, which was released on the back of the success of super man It was great to see Reeve’s and DC pay this tribute.

4. Henry Cavill’s Superman

And who’s to say that with Henry Cavill coming and going behind the scenes at Warner Bros., he won’t be in glitter, As the film insists on showing the DCEU’s Justice League working together, the hero can’t be left out – even if, for that, the studio did some maneuvering so that the actor wouldn’t need to be re-cast.

Cavill’s Superman appears in two moments, and very discreetly. Early on, after the hospital attack in Gotham, Barry Allen asks why no one has called Superman and we see on TV that the Man of Steel is dealing with an incident in Guatemala.

At another point, during the Flash’s walk into the Chronosphere, the hero’s resurrection features prominently in the past events he witnesses. That’s when Henry Cavill’s Clark Kent shows up in the background – and completely digital.

3. Christopher Reeve’s Superman

If Warner tried to hide Superman from Henry Cavill, it proudly displayed the appearance of the definitive version of the Man of Steel. As mentioned, Christopher Reeve appears alongside Helen Slater in the film’s quick passage through the 1978 film’s universe.

And there is no way not to get distracted by seeing this form. Reeve was the face of Superman for over a generation and became the hero’s archetype in the comics as well, with many writers inspired by his looks to bring the character to life. In addition, the actor’s own tragic history – he became a quadriplegic after a horse accident – made his figure with the S on his chest even more emblematic.

So much so that his death in 2004 caused a worldwide uproar.

2. Nicolas Cage’s Superman

Nicolas Cage’s involvement should be a big surprise glitter, but director Andy Muschietti decided to talk more than he should and upended one of the film’s biggest bets before the feature even premiered. Well, the actor finally got to live out his dream of donning the uniform and being Clark Kent for a day.

He also appears between different realities and appears in one sequence facing a giant spider and with his distinctive mullet. And if you find it strange that you’ve never seen this before, know that this is a joke of the scene.

During the 1990s, director Tim Burton planned to release a Superman film starring Cage, who has always been a fan of the character – his son is named Kal-El and there’s an entire saga about his collection of rare comics. . The film never took off due to cancellations before recording could begin. But a few costume test pictures were released, which always piqued people’s curiosity as to how it would work on screen.

In addition, the script left for production had the protagonist encountering a giant spider – a demand from producer Jon Peters and which he adapted into the film. The Wild Adventures of James West, with Will Smith. It was so strange that it became a legend to be referred to glitter,

1. George Clooney’s Batman

The last scene of the film also has the most unexpected cameo. When Barry Allen finally succeeds in proving his father’s innocence and celebrates that reality has set in, he learns that all is not as usual. That’s because, instead of finding Ben Affleck’s Bruce Wayne, the billionaire he finds is none other than George Clooney.

The appearance of the heartthrob had already been speculated on for some time, not least because the actor had already suggested his return to the Batman role. And it’s also a really fun twist as a way to make peace with the protagonist.

That’s because Clooney’s Batman lived in the famous batman and robinA 1997 film that put too much weight on the comedic tone of the story in an attempt to reference the 1966 series. studio back with comic book adaptations – that only changed with the advent of X Men Two years later.

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