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Even those who are not fans of singer Taylor Swift must have heard about her in the last 10 days. Since the American artist announced she will be bringing her successful The Eras Tour to Brazil, her name has been among those commenting on the social network.

Singer has concerts scheduled in Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro

Singer has concerts scheduled in Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro

The singer’s appearances will take place in November and now with more dates – in Rio (on 18 and 19, at Angenhao) and in São Paulo (on 24, 25 and 26, at Allianz Park) -, but the discovery of pre-sale tickets started getting fans excited very early – and reservations for bank customers sold out in less than an hour. Yesterday, the open sale took place, which caused a lot of confusion: positions ran out in just 10 minutes for most regions.

Taylor, one of today’s pop phenomena, was due to come to Brazil for her first big show in 2020, but everything was canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic, much to the general dismay of Brazilian fans – and it’s because This also explains the massive outcry that ensued for ticket demand, which was linked to over one million devices as soon as pre-sales opened on Friday, the 9th.

The Eras Tour is Taylor’s sixth tour. It was announced in November 2022, at a time when, finally, the world was already safe, following restrictions imposed by the authorities to combat the coronavirus. While he told fans that he would eventually return for a spectacular performance, Taylor defined the new tour as “a journey through all the musical eras of his career”. The show runs for about three hours.


Taylor, 33, has ten studio albums to her credit. Three of them, Lover (2019), Folklore (2020) and Evermore (2020), have not yet been performed on stage, except for the most recent, Midnights (2022). From the previous album, he scored at least two hits, Anti-Hero and Bejeweled. As always, the songs speak to the singer’s personal experiences, something remarkable in her work, and able to create an immediate connect with the public.

However, a pop idol is not made up only of the albums and the messages contained in them, it is necessary to consider Taylor’s entire trajectory to understand why she has been able as a singer, with a solo tour, the Eras Tour, earning According to Forbes, up to US$1.5 billion (R$7.6 billion) across the 52 presentation dates mentioned on the agenda.

Born in the state of Pennsylvania, Taylor, at the age of 14, became the youngest artist ever to sign a contract with the Sony Music label. His debut album was released two years later, in 2006 and was named after him. The release, which contained songs already signed by the singer, sold over 1 million copies.

Taylor became a star again. In her second album from 2008, Fearless, she introduced elements of country music, a genre she always admired and during her high school days, she struggled with being bullied by her classmates at school. She has also said that, in the past, she has always been the butt of jokes for saying that she wanted to be a successful singer.

This release gained them worldwide recognition, leading to the Fearless Tour in the UK, Japan and Australia. And at the age of 19, he took charge of his own career, managing the entire tour. With the album, he won four Grammy Awards.

at the Movies

As a pop singer who also needs to be on more than one stage, Taylor made her theatrical debut in 2009 in the film Idas a Vindas do Amor and soon after, the successful Hannah Montana: The Movie. The singer would still take part in such productions as Valentine’s Day and Cats. Taylor also released productions in which he was the protagonist in the musical, such as films from his tour.

The following album, Speak Now (2010), brought the artist recognition from his peers. Names such as TI, Usher, Nicki Minaj, Hayley Williams, Kenny Chesney, Selena Gomez and Tim McGraw shared the stage with him on the tour, which grossed US$100 million – a value only surpassed by the historic 360º tour , performed by U2.

Such influential scores are repeated throughout the artist’s career to this day. Recently, Forbes magazine has released the list of America’s richest women. In music, Rihanna and Taylor are among the most separated with the largest net worth.

Taylor also surpassed Madonna, who is in third place. She moved from 48th to 34th in the overall ranking, an increase of US$170 million in her net worth, which currently stands at US$740 million.

According to the magazine, increased sales of The Eras Tour, which will travel through Brazil in November, and the release of the album Midnights in October 2022 contributed to the singer’s climb in the rankings.


With each album he releases, Taylor makes a point of creating a different context, whether in the script of the song, the visual identity of the video clip, or his form on stage. She is a singer who can be seen and not only heard – this is nothing new in the music industry, but she does it with competence and direct communication with her fans.

If Madonna’s stage play seemed distant from reality to the general public, Taylor’s seemed to touch the hearts of millions of her fans.

An example is the song Anti-Hero, an absolute success from her most recent album, in which she communicates with her ‘demons’, such as the intrusive thoughts that visit her at dawn – a world entirely laudable within. Some in which mental disorders affect most of the population. Among them are the youth, who form a major part of the singer’s fan club.

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