Taylor Swift: what does the singer have that unites so many fans in Brazil and around the world?

Even those who are not fans of singer Taylor Swift must have definitely heard of her in the recent past. Since the American artist announced that she will bring her successful The Eras Tour to Brazil, Last Day 2, her name has been the most commented on social network and new news about Taylor all the time fuel the anticipation of her arrival in the country. .

The performances would only take place in November in Rio de Janeiro (18th and 19th) and São Paulo (24th, 25th and 26th), but the demand for tickets got Taylor fans excited. Sales to the general public opened on Monday (12) and tickets sold out in no time.

Taylor, one of today’s pop phenomena, was supposed to come to Brazil in July 2020, but much to the frustration of fans, the pandemic canceled the tour. It explains a lot that the search for tickets caused an uproar, reaching more than 2.5 million connected devices to buy that Monday.

Taylor, 33, has ten studio albums to her credit. From the last one, “Midnights”, she scored at least two hits: Anti-Hero and Bejeweled. As usual in his work, the songs speak of personal experiences, some striking and capable of evoking immediate recognition.

However, as a pop idol is not made up only of the albums and the messages contained in them, it is necessary to consider Taylor’s entire trajectory to understand why she has been able as a singer, with a solo tour, Eras The tour, earning, according to Forbes, up to US$1.5 billion (R$7.6 billion) over the 50 dates mentioned on the agenda.

starting star

Born in the state of Pennsylvania, at the age of 14, Taylor became the youngest artist to sign a contract with Sony Music. His debut album (which bears his name) was released two years later, in 2006. The release, which contained songs already signed by the singer, sold over 1 million copies.

Taylor became a star again. In his second work, Fearless, 2008, he added elements of country music, a genre he has always admired.

This release brought him worldwide recognition, leading to a tour with Fearless in the UK, Japan and Australia. He also took over the reins of his career at the age of 19, managing the entire tour. With the album, she earned four Grammys.

The follow-up album, Speak Now (2010), earned Taylor recognition from her peers. Names such as TI, Usher, Nicki Minaj, Hayley Williams, Kenny Chesney, Selena Gomez and Tim McGraw shared the stage with the singer on the tour, which grossed $100 million, second only to U2’s historic 360º.

Impressive numbers in the artist’s career are repeated to this day. Recently, Forbes magazine has released the list of America’s richest women. Rihanna and Taylor stand out with the biggest wealth in the field of music. Taylor also surpassed Madonna, who is in third place.

Taylor moved from 48th to 34th in the overall rankings, increasing her net worth by $170 million, which is currently at $740 million.


With each album he releases, Taylor makes a point of creating a different context, whether in the script as described in the song, in the visual identity of the video clip, and in the form adopted on stage. She is a singer that can be seen and not just heard – yes, this is nothing new in the music industry, but Taylor does it with ownership and direct dialogue with her fans, when they are live.

If Madonna’s stage play seemed far from reality to the general public, Taylor’s acting seemed to touch the hearts of thousands of her fans.

One example is the song Anti-Hero, a success in which she communicates with her “demons”, such as the intrusive thoughts she gets at dawn – entirely plausible within a world where mental disorders plague a large proportion of the population. Affect all sections, including the youngest ones. , , who form a large part of the singer’s fan club.


All the anxiety about Taylor’s arrival in Brazil is explained by two curious facts. The first relates to the singer’s first visit to the country. She was here in 2012 at a one-off performance in Rio de Janeiro, when she sang to an audience of a thousand lucky fans. The show lasted just 35 minutes and featured Paula Fernandes.

In 2015, a statement by Taylor’s mother, Andrea Finlay, sparked an outcry among the Brazilian’s followers — and resulted in several memes. Andrea announces that she has forbidden her daughter from performing in third world countries. Taylor immediately tried to negate the alleged veto.

Taylor has also been involved in feuds with fellow singer Kate Perry, who accused her of sabotaging one of her tours, and with rapper Kanye West, who made unflattering verses to the singer: “I think Taylor Swift Still sex me / I made that bitch famous”

Taylor is often in discussion about her relationships in her personal life. The list of singers includes names like Jake Gyllenhaal, Joe Alwyn, John Mayer, Harry Styles and DJ Calvin Harris.

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