Niall Horan shares details of new One Direction reunion

The group One Direction was initially formed in 2015 by Harry Styles, Liam Payne, Louis tomlinson, niall horan it is Zayn Malik, announced the group’s hiatus which left fans devastated once again. Since then, fans of the band named “guidance“Longing for a Boys Reunion.” Following an interview with zen loweOf apple music 1Niall Horan revealed that a reunion of the quintet will indeed happen.

Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson, Zayn Malik, Harry Styles and Niall Horan (Photo: Playback/Twitter)

The last time the boyband performed with all members was in March 2015. At the height of their career, the boys were on their second world tour with sold-out dates and tickets, and that’s when Zayn privately and informally announced he was leaving the group via a post on Facebook. Although still shaken by the member’s departure, the following year, in 2016, hiatus was declared by the rest of the group, allowing each to follow their solo careers.

In conversation with Apple Music 1, Niall commented: “It is as if the conversation never happened. It is a great legacy. No, I don’t think (asking about the meeting) takes the air out of the room. Yes, but the answer is still the same. The conversation didn’t happen. We speak regularly, but that conversation didn’t happen. God knows if it pans out… It could be like a friends reunion, it could be a whole tour. God knows what it is, but no, it’s not talked about,

Niall in an interview on Apple Music 1 (Video: Playback/YouTube)

Horan has a new release out and will be starting a tour”show live on tour“in February 2024, to support the album”Display”, which is set to be released this Friday, June 9, with Horan assuring that it will take fans back down memory lane as he performs a few One Direction songs.

,I have never gone to hide from it. They are very nice songs. There are many out there who seem like me too. and making new versions is also good”, he completed.

featured photoIn an interview with Apple Music, Niall revealed details about a possible reunion with the former band. reproduction/disclosure

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