For this reason, fans compare Patricia Poeta to Britney Spears in one clip

once again, Patricia Poet It has become one of the hottest topics on social media. Now, the presenter of the meeting has attracted public attention by commanding TV Globo’s morning show in a new look that has been compared to the one used by Britney Spears.

While Patricia spoke live at Globo studios in São Paulo, fans of the program applauded and joked with the red dress proposal: “Patricia Poeta is like Britney Spears in today’s meeting”, highlighted an anonymous person.

Joining the fun, another fan on TV Globo’s morning show said that he was cosplaying the famous American singer, but wanted to understand why, as this Monday (12) is Valentine’s Day.

There are also those who were very happy and said that the look chosen by the TV Globo contractor was a tribute to the American “Princess of Pop” and recalled that Britney wore something similar in a successful clip: “Patricia Poeta Today is inspired by Oops I Did It Again by Britney,” one profile read.

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Another said that wearing the clothes used in the music video, can assume the musical charm of the famous meeting and sing Oops I Did It Again, This Monday Morning (12).

Egor Rickli and Aline Wirley talk about their marriage at Econtro

On Valentines Day, Aline Virle and Igor Rikli went to a meeting with Patricia Poeta to talk about an open relationship. But the interview which was all about love was generating a certain amount of curiosity on social media.

The main reason for this will be the greater participation of ex-BBB in TV Globo programs. On Twitter, some anonymous critics: “Aline Virle’s omission that has been on all Globo programs since Saturday. It can only be gambling debt”, wrote one person, who recalled the time when the famous reality show was on.

Returning to the meeting interview, which took place at a distance, former BBB Aline Virley and her husband, actor Igor Rickly, recalled how they met. According to Famous, it all started at the musical, where they worked together.

“We were working there and all of a sudden, on the first day of rehearsal, everybody’s already sitting there, ready to start, right? Then the door opens and a woman comes in with glasses that size , long hair, late, loud and free talking: ‘Good morning, people!’. I said: ‘Oh my God, who is this person?'”, the actor joked about the former rouge.

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