NX Zero returns to the stage with nostalgic show; check out!

Formed 11 years ago, the largest group of NX Zero fans has nearly 30,000 people on Facebook, and posts have increased in frequency since January after the band’s return was announced. During the group’s six-year hiatus, fan clubs all over the internet haven’t stopped reporting the whereabouts of each member.

With the start of the “Sedo ou Tarde” tour, great expectations were placed on the repertoire, which includes greatest hits but also surprises at each of the 20 shows. The first performance was last Saturday (28) at the Rio de Janeiro edition of the MITA festival, there will be a new show this Sunday (4) at MITA in São Paulo, even though the band formed by Di Ferrero, G. Rocha, Filipe, Conrado Grandino and Daniel Wexler accumulates nearly two decades on the road, with seven albums and numerous awards under his belt, this will be the first time he revisits the repertoire at a commemorative show.

Prior to the hiatus, the group toured to promote the albums, a model it followed uninterrupted for 17 years. This time, they’ve been focusing on the details of the shows for a year, so they’ve created versions of the setlist for those who go on more than one date and even the most demanding fans. satisfy.

“When there was silence between songs, it was common to hear the crowd asking ‘imperfection’. This was our ‘drama Raoul'”, recalls singer De Ferrero. In rehearsals before their return to the stage, the track “NX Zero”, released in 2006, was on the agenda and, by consensus, the members thought the time was right to include it in the setlist.

In March, the quintet made two appearances in a reduced format on television: one in Caldeirao do Mión and the other in BBB, where a fan asked for an unexpected song. Ricardo Camargo, better known as Alfes, was pleased with the band’s return and praised “Menteiras e Fracassos” from their 2004 debut album, “Dialogo”. The moment I realized we were back, we had our tune fixed and I had songs at my fingertips”, says guitarist G Rocha.

In general, the two songs are examples of the most emocore aspect of the group, characterized by speedy drums and loud guitars. The big hits, like “Rezes e Imokos” or “Cedo ou Tarde” are more palatable, going beyond the genre’s expectation but maintaining the message of soaking the sound in rock and overcoming the lyrics.

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”Sedou ou Tarde” talks about people who have passed away from this world. We don’t want to teach anyone anything, but we want to comfort the heart, so it’s special to have music that does that for people”, reflects guitarist Fi Ricardo.

In recent years, even though NX Zero is not touring the country or working on new material, the members have seen new audiences. After all, there was no shortage of reasons to spread a certain cultural nostalgia, whether for millennials looking for tracks that marked moments of adolescence, or for Generation Z that wanted to see themselves in songs that addressed everyday concerns. it shows. The group began broadcasting through the Brazilian underground in the first half of the 2000s, along with other groups that continue to play shows such as CPM 22, Fresno and Forfun.

In 2010, the quintet had already breached the independent ceiling, becoming the scene’s biggest exponents. And it was this year that he tried something new, but there were people who turned up their noses at “Projeto Paralelo”, a reinterpretation album featuring 20 national and international rappers, including Freddie Gibbs, Emcida, Marcelo D2, Negra was involved. Lee and Rincon Wisdom.

Nowadays, in the genre’s second incarnation in the mainstream, the boundaries between musical genres are blurred more than ever, where pop punk and emo merge with rap and trap in an independent approach. “We made this project at a time when these exchanges were not so much. Today I see a lot of rap and trap using emo and hardcore tunes, and vice versa”, reflects G. Rocha.

The group, now nearing 40 years old, looks back carefully at the generation that emerged when NX Zero was off the stage. Abroad, Olivia Rodrigo and Vilo are some of the representatives, while in the country de Limons and Jupe do Barro incorporate elements of these languages.

Drummer Daniel Wexler explains, “Jupp is a lot more rock than a lot of rock bands. You have to see the mosh pit”. To keep up with the fertile moment of emerging talent, the market continues to meet demand with the emergence of new developments. “I’ve never seen so many shows in my entire life, not even when I was young, it’s amazing to see this scene pop up”, reflects the singer.

First, Sedo ou Tarde is a project with a beginning, middle, and end, but the members remain open to possibilities. During the duration of the tour, they commit to a joint agenda, leaving aside personal projects. In 2017, they re-evaluated their priorities and reached a consensus to amicably leave the scene.

More than 20 working groups on WhatsApp were deleted, leaving one with only five musicians. Before their return, they talked about the differences that led to the distance and how to resolve them: “We got on very well between ourselves, the time apart was great for things to flow, And today we managed to enjoy life'”, concluded G Rock.

nx zero

When Sun. (4), in Mita sp.; 15 & 16/12 at Allianz Park

Where Mita: Vale do Anhangbau, São Paulo; Allianz Park – R. Lecture Italy, 200


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