The Flash finds a mural in SP Beco do Batman; The movie premieres in cinemas on 15 June – 09/06/2023

The Flash is yet another DC Comics hero who won a mural painting at the Baco do Batman in downtown São Paulo. Art by Thobias Danluz is part of Warner Bros. Pictures Brasil to promote the film’s release, which is scheduled for the 15th.

Danluge created the two versions of The Flash that appear in the feature, as well as Sasha Calle’s Supergirl and Michael Keaton’s Batman. The film’s director, Andy Muschietti, visited the mural earlier this week during his quick trip to the city.

“One of my best experiences working with illustrations and art for over ten years is to create this kind of thematic art at Beko, from such an incredible film… of the film, I think it only added value to the project.” It was an incredible experience to be able to create this art”, said Denluz in a video published on YouTube.

“It’s my biggest work in every sense, both in size – it’s on a huge wall, in a magical place in São Paulo, where we have the Temple of Art here, we have art practically everywhere – and the responsibility. In the sense of you watch a film, not being able to talk about it, developing an idea with official approval, it was exhausting but very rewarding. I think what we had in those 15 days of work It was also work, it was worth it”, continued. artist.

Ben Affleck and Michael Keaton return

glitter marks the return of Ben Affleck as Batman after appearing in Batman Vs. super man (2016) and in both versions of Justice League. He brings with him Jeremy Irons, who plays Alfred.

In the plot, Ezra Miller returns as the Scarlet speedster Barry Allen. Maribel Verdoo will play Nora Allen, the Flash’s mother, and Ron Livingston will play Henry Allen, the superhero’s father.

Also returning in the role is Michael Keaton, who was Bruce Wayne in Batman (1989) and batman: the return (1992). Finally, Michael Shannon also returns as Zod Strong Man (2013).

The trailer, which released in April this year, shows Barry Allen (Ezra Miller) revisiting his past in an attempt to save his parents’ lives. However, this maneuver affects the timeline, wreaking havoc on the world. To reverse this damage, the Scarlet Speedster enlists the help of versions of superheroes from different universes.

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