The dress of the moment is “Made in Portugal”

Also Kendall Jenner, Bella Hadid and Queen Letizia of Spain. These are some of the names that have surrendered to the dress of the moment in lime green, signed by fashion designer Victoria Beckham. most curious? It is “Made in Portugal”.

A decade ago, Portugal was still struggling to produce and sell very cheap clothing, competing with world powers like China. Today, the scenario changes completely when Portugal is already internationally recognized as a specialist in innovative high quality products at very competitive prices. One of the luxury brands that bet on the quality of Portuguese production is the British businesswoman and stylist Victoria Beckham’s brand.

With a minimalist cut, in a tulip shape, “midi”, short sleeves, draping at the waist and a V-neck at the back: this is the silhouette that continues to conquer women of all ages and sizes, and it is taking shape in Portugal. The piece costs £850 (around 985 euros) and is part of Victoria Beckham’s brand’s Spring 2023 collection.

It was used publicly by the first person to appear with it at a ceremony at Buckingham Palace in London, before the coronation of King Charles III in May last year.

Bella Hadid followed Kendall Jenner and Queen Letizia to Spain at Paris Fashion Week last September. Recently, Ellie Fenn, the producer and fiancee of the protagonist of the film “The Little Mermaid”, also dressed him on the red carpet, as well as the famous British “Tiktroker” Meredith Duxbury.

The dress, with a timeless elegance and one of the most sought-after colors of the season, quickly became the year’s biggest hit and sold out in all sizes on the British designer’s website. It is now available in this color again, as well as blush, purple, yellow, black and white.

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