Followers found Gleici Damasceno’s photos of Michael B. notice jordan’s choice

This Friday (09) users began to point out on the Instagram of former BBB Gleici Damasceno a certain movement that had already been observed for some time. After seeing that actor Michael B. Jordan has been liking some of the actress’ photos, and it’s also worth noting that despite the likes, the American actor doesn’t follow Gleecy.

In a photo, Michael B. Amid comments praising the BBB18 champion, along with the likes of Jordyn, some made it clear that they just passed by the actor’s profile. “B Jordan liked the lady, you won a lot”, wrote a follower. As with all movements, Gliesi spoke exclusively on the subject for a column MetropolisIt is not a big deal to say this.

Gleice Damasceno and Michael B. Jordan / Photo: Reproduction -Instagram | exposure

“This is an artist whose work I admire, I follow, and I think it’s only natural that the people I follow, and those who follow me, would like a picture that shows them Looks good. Other than that I don’t see anything else.” she told Fabia Oliveira’s column. But before that the actress left a message for her followers.

“Sleep. It was just an outburst (laughs)”wrote the former BBB on Twitter.

But with the search, many people also started “shipping” a potential couple, and even hinted that while answering a box of questions in their stories on Instagram, Glessi Damasceno said. that she is alone. “Hot Girls Stay Single Too”He has written.

The most recent photo in which Michael B. What Jordam dropped his Like was in a post where Gleecy is soaking up the sun in a bikini, with a lighthearted caption (pictured above). But before this, the artist had also liked a photo in the dressing room of the actress.

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