Customers invest in C6 CDB to buy Taylor Swift tickets and are disappointed

many fans of the singer Taylor Swift Disappointment happened this Friday (9). He invested in C6 Bank’s “credit card CDBs” so that the singer could buy tickets for a concert in Brazil later that year, but the tickets ran out.

The digital bank has promised to automatically increase the credit card limits of customers who have invested in these fixed income securities.

For those who already had some limit available, the ratio would be 1 to 1. i.e. for every BRL 1 invested in CDB, BRL 1 will be added to the limit. However, when they attempted to purchase tickets at the exclusive C6 Bank MasterCard pre-sale that took place today, many users found that their credit had not been extended. On Twitter, reports emerge of fans dismayed by the situation.

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“At the same time C6 Bank is replying to a tweet asking people to invest to increase the limit immediately, denying the application limit. My request just disappeared. You took my BRL 1,000 Where did you put the C6 bank?”, said a user.

“Where is my investment limit in C6 Bank, CDB?” another bank customer asked. “C6 bank ombudsman girl said that it may take up to 48 hours to reduce the limit. Then I said that there was a print of the application which said that it should have been done at that time. Now they are analyzing for release. (laughs). For god’s sake, they think customers are ignorant,” reported a third profile.

In addition, there are complaints of operational issues at the time of purchase. Responding to users on Twitter, C6 Bank said that the process of completing investments in CDB credit cards is slow.

“We are already working to normalize the situation. Please wait or try again later,” the bank said in a standardized message.

hey e-investor Asked C6 Bank for placement. The bank said in a note, “We did not experience any kind of intermittency, instability or slowness, either for those who already had an established credit limit, or who had invested in the CDB credit card product “

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