With concerts in Brazil, Taylor Swift leads pollution rankings and upsets environmentalists

With concerts scheduled in Brazil, singer Taylor Swift was deemed a “champion of criminals”, following a report by Yard, a marketing and sustainability company in the United Kingdom. The conversation about the environmental impact of private air travel remains a hot topic and should encourage more reflection.

Celebrity was classified as one of the most polluting emitters along with private jets. This caused an uproar among environmentalists, who fight for a better environment, in addition to starting a discussion about the effects of individual decisions.

taylor swift pollution

According to recent figures, singer Taylor Swift was appointed as the most polluting celebrity from her private jet. However, it is important to point out that according to a spokesperson for the artist, the claims made about using his private jet are “substantially false”.

A report released by sustainability marketing firm Yard revealed that Taylor Swift’s aircraft made 170 flights between January 1 and July 29, 2022, clocking a total of 15.9 days in the air, an average flight time of 80 minutes and a distance of 139.36 miles per flight . The total CO2 emissions from flights in 2022 are calculated to be 8,293.54 tonnes, which is 1,184.8 times the average annual emissions of the average person.

The report compiled data from Celebrity Jets’ Twitter account, which automatically blocked some planes while highlighting “the harmful effects of using a private jet” following fan criticism from celebrities including Drake, Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner. tracks.

It is important to point out that Taylor Swift is not the only celebrity mentioned in this context. Other performers, such as boxer Floyd Mayweather, also made a large number of flights in their private jets. Mayweather made an average of 25 flights a month, which equates to about one flight a day.

As it turns out, in terms of estimated CO2 emissions, Taylor Swift tops the list, followed by other celebrities like Mayweather, rappers Drake and Jay-Z, and artists like Blake Shelton and Travis Scott.

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