Shakira and Lewis Hamilton are dating, magazine says

Shakira and Lewis Hamilton are also starting a relationship, according to People magazine on Thursday. A source heard by the publication revealed the couple are “getting to know each other better” and “spending time together”.

A source familiar with the two said, “They’ve been spending time together and are at the ‘we’re getting to know each other better’ stage.” “It’s fun and seductive”, summarizes the informant about the alleged phase between the singer and the pilot.

Representatives of the Colombian and British companies were contacted but did not respond to the magazine’s contacts.

Romance rumors fueled last weekend, when Shaq was at the Barcelona Grand Prix and celebrated a second place on the podium at a dinner with Pilot. The scene was recorded on Instagram Stories by artist Mustafa the Poet. The enlarged photo also shows that the pilot’s hands were on the singer’s back. The invitation must have come from him.

The meeting was worth the Catalan overnight walk:

This is not the first time the two have been photographed together. In May, Shakira and Hamilton went on a boat trip with friends in Miami, where she currently lives with her children following her turbulent split from Gerard Pique.

Both have not commented on the possible affair. Before the race, however, the 38-year-old said he was looking for “a Latina for him.” In the artistic field, his resume is vast: Nicole Scherzinger, Rita Ora, and even Rihanna have dated Britons. He had a girlfriend for six years, including the leader of the Pussycatdolls and was seen constantly in the Formula 1 paddock.

Hamilton isn’t the only one to join the list of potential romances for the new Shakira. Jimmy Butlerstar of Miami Heat From nba more friends neymaruntil last week had been appointed as the new boyfriend of the interpreter of the acrostic.

Star Tom Cruise appeared before his close ones to confirm his interest but hit out at the 46-year-old singer.

can’t complain monotony now, huh?

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