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Actor and environmental activist Leonardo DiCaprio has expanded the chorus of artists and celebrities speaking out against the approval of a deadline for Indigenous lands. In a social network, the American actor says that if Bill 2903 is passed by the Senate, “it will be disastrous for the Amazon, the indigenous peoples who live there and for our planet”.

DiCaprio shared a link to an online petition and a video that shows images of the Amazon rainforest and counterpoints to the deadline. He also shared a text in Portuguese and mentioned Senate President Rodrigo Pacheco (PSD-MG).

To date, the petition shared by the artist has been supported by nearly 180,000 people and DiCaprio’s main post has been viewed by more than 200,000 people in five hours.

PL 2903 is the number that PL 490 received, which was approved last week in the Chamber of Deputies, and which will now be processed in the Senate. Pacheco has already spoken about the processing of PL in the House. According to him, there would be no emergency vote, so that it could be expedited and go to the first plenary, unlike what happened in the chamber.

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This is not the first time that actor Leonardo DiCaprio has taken a stand on environmental issues in Brazil. In September 2020, during the government of Jair Bolsonaro, he criticized the burning and deforestation in the Amazon and called on the president and his supporters to cut funding through a boycott.

The two also clashed on social networks after the former president accused her of funding a forest fire-related NGO.

set time limit

The temporal framework of indigenous lands is a legal thesis that argues that any new demarcation in Brazil can only be done if there is proof that the people living in the claimed territory lived in that place before the federal constitution came into force. Were on As the Magna Carta is dated October 5, 1988, this would be the “timeline” for defining the issues relating to the subject.

By deadline, for Indigenous peoples to claim new land demarcations, for example, they must prove not only that they have permanently occupied the area, but also that they have used environmental resources and fertility Used them in productive and necessary activities to preserve the physical. and cultural.

In parallel with the processing of the project in the Senate, the Federal Supreme Court judges an action whose decision will be valid in all cases of land demarcation in the country. The trial resumed this week with a contrary vote by Minister Alexandre de Moraes before being suspended at the request of Minister Andre Mendonça.

Prior to this session, two ministers had already expressed their views on the subject: rapprochement, Edson Fachin stated that he was against the deadline thesis, while Nunes Marquez voted in favor of the thesis.

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