How pop is better than rock and metal, according to Nita Strauss

The Alice Cooper guitarist had recent experience as a member of singer Demi Lovato’s band.

It is natural for rock fans, especially heavy metal, to think that their place is superior to other music genres. guitar player Nita StraussAs someone who traveled through both, is here to point out that not everything happens that way.

A natural talent for six strings, Nita is widely known for her work with the greatest legend of so-called shock rock, singer Alice Cooper. The two have been working together for nearly a decade, in a partnership that began in 2014 and only had a brief break between 2022 and 2023 while the guitarist toured the world with the band. Demi LovatoA huge name in contemporary pop who has been coming to rock lately.

With this in mind, Strauss was invited to point out the differences between rock/metal and pop music. in an interview with full metal jackie (via website igor miranda), the musician initially defined the experience with Lovato as “incredible”, even more so at a time of transition in the artist’s career.

“I come from the world of rock, hard rock and metal, and whenever something changes, I anger the fans. Demi changed her whole style, clothes, music style, rearranged all the hits… She has a song called ‘cool for summer‘, which has billions of plays on Spotify, and did a Paulist version with a little Metallica in between.

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so the aspect where, in the opinion of Nita, pop is better than rock/metal: fans are more open-minded to change. Past experiences in the field of heavy music led the guitarist to imagine that the singer would be criticized for taking a new approach, but the reaction observed was quite the opposite.

“The fans loved it. The fans supported him and screamed until the end of each show. There was no negative reaction. No one was like: ‘That’s not how you’re supposed to sound. That’s not what we wanted. Were. We want Demi already’. No fans trying to dominate each other which is what we see in the music genre we are used to.

Nita Strauss and Demi Lovato

that visit Demi Lovato performed with Nita Strauss Intended to promote the album in his band Holy Fvck, whose sound leans towards rock, specifically pop punk. The tour passed through Brazil between August and September last year, with appearances in São Paulo (two dates), Belo Horizonte and Rio de Janeiro.

Accustomed to performing well-elaborated and complex solos in a heavy music section, Strauss explained in an interview metal injection (Via ultimate Guitar) that working with Lovato also brought him highlights. However, the differences were evident in the manner of the live presentation.

“A signed musician needs to be able to adapt to the different styles of any show, while maintaining their personality and energy. There was a lot of newness with Demi. It had been 15 years, if not more, since I was in a band.” I was the solo guitar player. I had to work on the right hand, which matches the rhythmic aspect. Lots of note picking in the riffs, more pop and the clean parts in these arrangements of pop punk music are things that I really don’t. And there’s a lot of singles in the show, big highlights where I can go up front and show off. That’s also an adjustment, figuring out how I can fit into this format.”

For the sequel of the year, Nita Strauss is back in the band Alice Cooper, The guitarist also announced his second solo album, call of the void, for July 7th. The album includes guest appearances by singers such as Lassie Hale (Hellstorm), Dorothy Martin (Dorothy), David Draiman (Disturbed), Anders Frieden (In Flames) and Alice herself.

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