X-Men director Bryan Singer to make documentary about himself, responding to sexual assault allegations

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Known for directing the first two films of X Men (except return x-Men: Days of Future Past it is Apocalypse, bryan singer fell out of favor over the years after being accused of molesting minors, sexual abuse and even serious allegations of corruption. The filmmaker has disappeared from the public eye, but apparently he’s planning his return behind the camera.

According to Diversitywould be a singerquietly planningHis return to Hollywood. He will be developing a documentary about himself, financed with his own money. The idea is to respond to various allegations of harassment and sexual abuse through his new film.

In addition, sources of site There are claims that he is also trying to sell the idea of ​​some films set in Israel, where he has been living for the past few years, to various production companies. The cost of each film will be approx. $10 million And one of them will be set in the 70s.

The singer is planning a Hollywood comeback after dozens of allegations of sexual assault and misconduct surfaced.

The filmmaker has been facing allegations of inappropriate behaviour, harassment and sexual abuse since 1997. In 2019, several victims of the director came forward to speak about their abuse cases, which led to Singer’s disappearance from the film industry.

Adding to this, we also have rumors and speculation about how Singer fostered a hostile work environment for his actors and production teams – even as he reportedly quit directing Bohemian Rhapsody, accomplished by dexter fletcher,

In addition, in recent years, several actors who have worked with Singer – such as, for example, Halle Berry and until Jennifer Lawrence – Gave interviews and statements talking about the filmmaker’s behavior in settalking about how singers used to practice Naughty with the actors.

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