Which is the most expensive ticket?

Taylor Swift and Beyoncé promise the most profitable tour in music history, with tickets costing around R$ 14,000

Taylor Swift it is beyoncé are touring for the first time in years, and fans have made it clear that they are willing to pay an exorbitant price to see their favorite stars.

it also means that renaissance tour And this era travel could be on its way to break the $1 billion mark and become the biggest tour by revenue, according to estimates reported by Finance Yahoo!,

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visited beyoncé The tour started on 10 May in Stockholm and is scheduled to have 57 shows in total – all sold out. Some tickets have gotten so expensive that fans are even flying internationally for a better deal.

Ticket price as per the information available on the site Renaissance World Tour by Beyoncé ranges from R$426.00 to R$1022.00 depending on the region. For VIP tickets in front of the stage and with some extras, it can reach up to R$ 14 thousand.

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already Taylor Swift hit the road March 17th in Glendale, Arizona, and to date, have booked 60 shows in the US, Mexico, Argentina and Brazil – all shows sold out.

Ticket price as per the information available on the site era travel From Taylor Swift Varies from R$ 242.00 to R$ 2210.00 depending on the region. For VIP tickets with early entry to sectors and some extras, this can reach up to R$ 4,500.

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A era travel The Nilton Santos Olympic Stadium in Rio de Janeiro, popularly known as Engenhao, will pass through Brazil on 18 November, and the Allianz Parque in São Paulo on 25 and 26 November. See everything we know about the upcoming tour of Taylor Swift Click here for the country!

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