The Weeknd resumes world tour and references Anita at show in Lisbon

After interrupting tour to record ‘The Idol,’ The Weeknd resumes After Hours Till Dawn global stadium tour with news

To dedicate himself to filming after six months away from the stage Sculpture (2023), Abel ‘The Weeknd’ Tesfaye resumed tour After Hours Till Dawn Global Stadium Tour This Tuesday night (06), in Lisbon, Portugal. All elements that made up the show were revised, from the setlist to the costumes, including the stage structure and setlist.

Notably, in October this year weekend will bring presentations to Brazil in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo on October 7, 10 and 11, respectively. All tickets have already been sold out.

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In the first performance of the second leg of the tour, weekend referred to Anita during the song ‘Party Monster’which basically refers to Selena GomezWith whom the singer dated for 10 months in 2017. Check it out:

🚨 My pair! After reposting Anita’s story, The Weeknd quoted the singer again on her tour: “Ass sized Anita”.

— PopOnz (@PopOnze) June 6, 2023

A giant sculpture by a Japanese artist was added to the show’s structure. hajime sorayama In the middle of the main walkway – similar to the art used on tour flyers. Fully chrome-plated, the work references the German science-fiction classic, Metropolitan (1927).

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With movement and light resources, the sculpture in the shape of a female android is able to rotate around its axis and follows the style characteristic of the works pattern soraimaworked with weekend Earlier

Description! Leg 1 🔥 Leg 2#AfterHoursTilDawnTour

– The Weekend Brazil | fan page (@SiteTheWeekndBR) June 7, 2023

Another visible aesthetic change is the costumes: on the first leg of the tour, the dancers wore red outfits, while Abel always wore black. Now everyone wears only white. The posture used by the singer on stage as well as his face mask also received a facelift, reinforcing the chrome look.

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Leg 2 📍 @weekend

— ComplexMusic (@ComplexMusic) June 6, 2023

Before, the official setlist of After Hours Till Dawn Global Stadium Tour there were 29 songs, and the song kiss land (2013), from the album of the same name, which was only played in Asia before the tour.

The After Hours Till Dawn Tour Setlist is🥹

— Carla ღ (@carlaa_hours) July 15, 2022

Way “alone again” (who opened the show), “Gasoline”, “Kiss Land” it is “Or not” removed, and entered in place “creep”Their collaboration for the album by metro boomin Together 21 Savage, “House of Balloons”from their first album, “Lost in the Fire”is partnered with gepflestein that was never played live, and “Dawn FM”,

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Also, songs that are part of the soundtrack Sculpture, “popular” it is “Double Fantasy”, were also added. however, hit like “in your eyes” it is “Moth to Flame”Much requested by fans since the first leg of the tour, they were also not added to the new list.

In all, the singer sang 32 songs during the two hours. View the full setlist:

AHTD Tour – Official Setlist!

– The Weekend Brazil | fan page (@SiteTheWeekndBR) June 6, 2023

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