Sofia Richie becomes ‘quiet luxury’ style icon

In recent years, fashion has become more centered around 2000s style, with maximalist aesthetics, sky-high heels and mini skirts. These days, it’s hard to find a single element on the catwalk, with collections increasingly focusing on styles that are perfectly fitted, understated and elegant. no wonder the word “Quiet Luxury” 35 billion views on TikTok, the new generation social network. Increasingly, the target audience is opting for minimalist styles and neutral color palettes.

Photo: Sofia Richie (Photo: reproduction/Instagram @sofiarichiegrange)

One of the great trends of 2023 “Quiet Luxury” Or “Quiet Luxury”, One of the greatest current representatives of the genre is the singer’s daughter. Lionel Richie, sophia richie, In recent years, influencers have begun to use pieces from more discreet brands, without visible logos, embodying a style that encompasses luxury in an elegant and understated manner without pretentiousness or exhibitionism. Furthermore, it is a lifestyle that values ​​quality and exclusivity.

Sofia Richie has been the spokeswoman for this new trend, outnumbering other influencers. If earlier the model was known for a more casual and sporty style, now it has become a style reference “Quiet Luxury”, More recently, she attracted a lot of attention after her wedding ceremony in France, in which she chose a gown Channel in a more conservative style.

Photo: Wedding Sofia Richie (Photo: reproduction/Instagram @sofiarichiegrange)

we can also observe quiet luxury Other elements of the event, such as the decor, were based on minimalism and focused on showing quality, rather than striving to show off wealth. In these cases, in the hospitality and travel sectors, lifestyle Reveals itself through unique and personal experiences.

in addition to RichieWe can see the appearance of cool luxury in other places, as a chain event “succession” on HBO and most recently at the Coachella festival. The event, known for sets that highlight extravagance, was seen more briefly this time, even from great influencers, such as Kendall Jenner it is Hailey Bieber, who opted for a simple combination of top and pants in neutral colours. Till then the biggest influencer in the world, Kylie JennerThose who previously opted for plunging necklines and bright colors have opted for more discreet and monochromatic looks.

Photo: Kendall Jenner (Photo: Reproduction/British Vogue/Nick Wisner)

Photo: Kylie Jenner (Photo: Playback/Getty Images)

Another important point to highlight is the current concern with pieces that are durable and not easily discarded. Growing concern for the environment, fast fashion has given way to thrift stores, including those selling only luxury goods. In Brazil, brands such as Gringa resell pieces from brands such as Gucci, Prada, Chanel, etc. In an interview with Forbes, fiorella mathis (founder of Gringa), said: “The luxury market is characterized by the production of quality goods, good raw materials, haute couture, and these are products that last for years.”

Afterwards “core recession”, A trend that bets on neutral goods, quiet luxury also originated in the aftermath of the world economic recession, whereby people do not want to flaunt money. Since the pandemic, we can see the same momentum where it is not considered “elegant” When people are going through difficulties, they lose their fortune.

Featured photo: Sofia Richie. Playback/Getty Images

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