Nicki Minaj sued for damaging jewelry and refusing to pay for repairs

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Singer Nicki Minaj is being sued for damaging borrowed jewelry. According to TMZ, she was informed and later refused to pay the required amount for a pair of earrings and a ring, which were returned with noticeable damage. The 66 accessories they rented for the occasion were from the Rosark store in West Hollywood.

However, it was not clear on what occasion the jewels were used. It is worth recalling that Minaj announced the release of an album for October 20 next.

Also according to TMZ, the jewelry loan stipulated that the rapper’s stylist Brett Allen Nelson return the pieces within a week. Minaj, as responsible, would be liable for any damages caused in her care – which did not allegedly occur according to the injured parties’ account.

A source close to the rapper, however, denied the jewelry store, saying that not only was everything returned as agreed, but the store was also slow to alert about the alleged loss—a situation that meant Must have been that, ultimately, the people responsible for the complaint wanted to take advantage of their visibility.

On the website, Rosarc stated that the damages reached US$26,000 (about R$130,000), not including interest, and that invoices had been sent to Brett. When consulted, Minaj’s defense denied responsibility in addition to accusing the store of trying to pull off a marketing and publicity stunt.

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