Batman: Part II | Joel Edgerton and Josh Hartnett considered for Two-Face

According to journalist Jeff Snyder (via Home of the DCU), Harvey DentO! Two FacesWill be in Matt Reeves’ Batman: Part II.

And two well-known actors are already in the lead for the role: Joel Edgerton (warrior) and Josh Hartnett (black Hawk Down).

It is unclear whether the character will only appear as Harvey Dent, or if he will undergo a transformation into Two-Face later in the film.

Batman: Part II is scheduled for October 3, 2025.

Robert Pattinson it is Andy Serkis are confirmed in the lead roles, while matt reeves handles the direction and script in collaboration with mattson tomlin,

The two had worked together on the original film, but Tomlin was not credited.

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batmandirected by Matt Reeves, grossed US$775 million worldwide, and samba tv Confirm also marked the second biggest launch for HBO Max in North America, attracting 4.1 million viewers between April 18 and 24.

for comparison purposes, suicide squad while attracted 3.5 million viewers Wonder Woman 1984 3.2 million found. Both got hybrid release.

what is the story about?

Batman heroically pursues the Riddler, the man responsible for the sadistic machinations and a trail of cryptic clues taken by the corruption and violence in Gotham.

It will require Batman to forge new alliances and bring justice back to the city.

After two years of stalking the streets as Batman, striking fear into the hearts of criminals, Bruce Wayne was pushed into the shadows of Gotham City. With only a few trusted allies – Alfred Pennyworth and Lieutenant James Gordon – amidst a corrupt network of city officials and important people, the lone vigilante has established himself as the sole embodiment of vengeance among his beloved citizens.

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