UDIT becomes a sponsor of the Esports Selection

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Madrid, April 24, 2023.

The University of Design and Technology (UDIT) becomes a sponsor of the Spanish Fejuves Esports Team and will accompany the national team in its international competitions during 2023

This morning the collaboration agreement between UDIT, University of Design and Technology, and FEJUVES (Spanish Federation of Video Game and Esports Players) was presented, whereby UDIT becomes the official sponsor of the Esports Team. This agreement is the result of a solid and successful collaboration in which both parties have worked together to develop research projects that highlight the positive aspects of video games and the job opportunities they generate in the industry.

This announcement strengthens UDIT’s commitment to promoting the use of video games among its university community and consolidates its position as a key player at the national and international level, because thanks to this alliance it will be able to promote the creation of teams and university competitions, the development of specialized training programs and holding events and conferences that promote the exchange of knowledge around esports.

Thanks to this agreement, UDIT will be present in the uniforms of the Esports Team and joins Movistar, Joma and G100.

The Official University Degree in Design and Development of Videogames and Virtual Environments at UDIT works to respond to the specific needs of videogames considered esports and to train professionals capable of facing the challenges of this industry. By addressing key areas, such as design, scalability, performance, social interaction and community, without neglecting aesthetics, art and monetization and business models, UDIT ensures that its graduates will be well prepared to contribute. to the success and growth of the industry.

“We are excited about this sponsorship agreement, as it allows us to continue working hand in hand with FEJUVES in the promotion and growth of the esports sector in Spain. In addition, it gives us the opportunity to promote talent and innovation in our university community , positioning ourselves as a benchmark in the design and development of videogames and virtual environments”, says David Alonso, Director of the Official University Degree in Design and Development of Videogames and Virtual Environments at UDIT.

On behalf of FEJUVES, its secretary has indicated that “the Federation has a great commitment to the training, education and development of young talent, it is just the work carried out by UDIT. It is a pride to be able to count on a benchmark entity in the generation of highly qualified professionals.

UDIT has an esports team and among its students is Oscar “Wazo”, who has been a professional Rainbow Six Siege player and, thanks to this sponsorship, reaffirms his commitment to the gaming and videogames sector. In fact, the Degree in Design and Development of Video Games and Virtual Environments at UDIT celebrates thirteen years of existence in 2023 and was the first official degree in this field in Spain.







About FEJUVES- the Spanish Federation of Video Game and Esports Players
FEJUVES is the Spanish Federation of Video Game and eSports Players born in October 2020, as a representative entity of video game players.

Fejuves is the representative of Spain in the European Esports Federation (EEF) and in the International Esports Federation (IESF). It is one of the founding entities of the Video Game Cluster promoted by the Hon. Madrid City Hall. He has participated in the gaming table organized by the Higher Sports Council (Csd) and in the video game table promoted by the Ministry of Culture.

About UDIT – University of Design and Technology
UDIT is the first University of Design and Technology in Spain, a promoter of creative industries, and represents the culmination of more than 20 years of ESNE’s educational project.

The largest university campus specialized in Design and Technology in Spain is located in the heart of Madrid and has more than 13,000 m2 of state-of-the-art facilities. This pioneering institution has more than 2,300 students in its classrooms who are trained to become the new generations that promote the creative industries.

In the 2023-2024 academic year, the UDIT training offer will be made up of eleven Official University Degrees: Design and Development of Video Games and Virtual Environments, Animation, Multimedia and Graphic Design, Audiovisual Design and Illustration, Fashion Design, Interior Design, Product Design , Fashion Management and Communication, Advertising and Brand Creation, Data Engineering and Artificial Intelligence and Software Development Engineering.

At the postgraduate level, UDIT will teach seven Official University Masters in the next academic year: User Experience, Graphic Design, Interior Design, Illustration, Product Design, Artificial Intelligence and Fashion Design.

Likewise, UDIT has a professional training center where three Higher Level Training Cycles will be taught: 3D Animations, Games and Interactive Environments, Development of Multiplatform Applications and Development of Web Applications.

The UDIT Degree in Design and Development of Video Games and Virtual Environments celebrates thirteen years of existence in 2023 and was the first official degree in this field in Spain.

With a duration of four years, this degree is focused on training specialists in the essential fields to create a video game: artists (concept artist, 2D and 3D artist, animator…), designers (of game mechanics and levels, scriptwriter , producer…) and programmers (AI, multiplayer systems, software engineer…).

It is a degree that, from the second year, incorporates mentions in Art for Videogames, Game Design or Programming, allowing the student to specialize in the branch that interests them most from a global vision of the Videogame industry.

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