They confirm that Hi-Fi Rush was a success for Xbox

January 25 of this year saw the surprise release of Tango Gameworks’ Hi-Fi Rush, the latest Xbox Series X|S exclusive that also came to PC and the Xbox Game Pass service. Although Hi-Fi Rush had a very positive reception from players and critics, a rumor claimed that sales had been disappointing, to which Aaron Greenberg decided to respond.

Last week, reporter Jeff Grubb said he heard that sales of Hi-Fi Rush hadn’t lived up to Microsoft’s expectations, which sparked a lot of discussion online given that the game had a surprise release and came from its first day to the Xbox Game Pass service. After this, Aaron Greenberg, the vice president of Xbox Games Marketing at Microsoft, denied the rumors and confirmed that Hi-Fi Rush is a success.

Hi-Fi Rush was a huge success for us and our players on all key metrics and expectations”, was what Aaron Greenberg said in response to a post by Jez Corden, a reporter for Windows Central. “We couldn’t be happier with what the Tango Gameworks team delivered with this surprise release.”, was what Greenberg said.

At the beginning of March Tango Gameworks boasted that Hi-Fi Rush had surpassed two million players, which was celebrated with the arrival of the new photo mode. However, the total sales that Hi-Fi Rush has generated is unknown, since it is most likely that most of the players who have tried it have done so through Xbox Game Pass.

Although there is no doubt that Hi-Fi Rush is an excellent video game that no Xbox Series X | S player should miss, it is also clear that it is a niche game and the fact that it comes to Xbox Game Pass from its launch could cannibalize its sales, but at least we have confirmation from Microsoft that Hi-Fi Rush is a success.

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