Super Mario Movie TV Premiere

Super Mario TV Premiere

An Argentine television network has decided that it was a good idea to release the biggest billboard hit of the year for free and open-air. The television premiere of Super Mario: The Movie and Nintendo is sharpening the katanas.

The TV Premiere of Super Mario: The Movie

At this point it seems incredible that people around the world do not know how Nintendo spends with that copyright. The company that created the Italian plumber more than 30 years ago does not mince words about making people pay for fooling around with their copyright. A few days ago without going any further, we knew the news of a hacker who is forced to pay a demand of 30 million dollars for hacking those from Kyoto.

In this case it has been an Argentine television, GenTv Cooperative, the one that has bundled the blanket to the head. Gentv has released the most successful film of 2023 on television for all those who had access. A fact that has aroused sarcasm and jokes all over the internet for the actions that Nintendo can take, although the first to have laughed have been the Argentines. On their Instagram account we can see how they take the impact of their boldness with humor. It is not yet known what kind of cosmic cataclysm Nintendo will be planning to satisfy the agrarian.

Super Mario the Movie TV Premiere

Undoubted success of the first Nintendo film

Super Mario: The Movie, continues to accumulate successes in its record. And it is that without having been released yet in Japan and Korea, the tape already Its gross is close to $1 billion.. Not surprisingly, it has already positioned itself as the most watched animated film in history, surpassing films like Minions or Frozen 2.

will play wait a little longer film premiered on a television in our countrythis time in a slightly more legal way…

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